Japan Eradicate Flu Shots With New Influenza Drug, Big Pharma Silent

Fact checked
Japan have discovered a cure for flu, allowing them to eradicate the need for flu shots by the year 2018

Japanese scientists have created the world’s first drug which can permanently cure anybody of the flu in just one day. The drug reportedly stops the spread of the flu virus in the human body instantly – all without the need of a flu shot.

This drug inhibits the virus and prevents it from spreading throughout the body, as well as bacteria to multiply in the future…

In Japan, they organized clinical trials and the drug was tested on volunteers, showing a high degree of its effectiveness … The researchers stressed that the effectiveness of the drug can be fully verified in the winter influenza epidemic. (Source)

The drug is scheduled to be released in 2018, but as yet no mainstream media reports have been made in the West, and its unlikely the U.S. will adopt the drug in favour of the current Big Pharma favoured flu shot regimen.

Thedailysheeple.com reports:

Of course, sadly, we probably won’t see or hear anything about it here in America.


Because the flu is a $1.6 billion industry in this country and it can’t make that much money if its cured in a single day, now can it? Let’s be honest. The pharmaceutical-industrial complex is based on prolonged suffering, not cures.

Flu shots are big business for big pharma, even though they admittedly don’t really work that well.