Pedo Jeffrey Epstein Was Offered Two 8-Year-Old Girls, Court Docs Show

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Jeffrey Epstein tried procuring a couple of 8-year-old girls for sex, court documents allege

Accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was offered two eight-year-old girls for sex by a prominent modeling agent, new court documents allege.

Messages left for the pedophile billionaire by fellow pedophile friend Jean-Luc Brunel – a person also the subject of abuse allegations – described the two girls as willing to give “Russian lessons”.

The note for Epstein says the girl can "teach you how to speak Russian"
The note for Epstein says the girl can “teach you how to speak Russian”

At 8:08 am on the morning of April 1, Brunnel called Epstein and left a message, which was relayed to Epstein via a note that read: ‘He has a teacher for you to teach you how to speak Russian. She is 2 x 8 years old not blonde. Lessons are free and you can have 1st today if call me back.’

Pedo pal: Many of the messages are from Jean-Luc Brunnel (above), a model agent who has been accused of sexual assault and rape by multiple women
Pedophile buddy: Many of the messages are from Jean-Luc Brunnel, a model agent who has been accused of sexual assault and rape by multiple women reports: Bradley Edwards, the lawyer for a number of Epstein victims including Virginia Giuffre (née Roberts) included those three messages as evidence after Epstein filed a civil suit against him.

‘In light of these circumstances of the case, this message reasonably suggested to Edwards that Brunel might have been procuring two eight-year-old girls for Epstein to sexually abuse,’ stated one court filing submitted by Edwards and his lawyer. 

‘According to widely circulated press reports reviewed by Edwards, Brunel is in his sixties and has a reputation throughout the world (and especially in the modeling industry) as a cocaine addict that has for years molested children through modeling agencies while acting as their agent — conduct that has been the subject of critical reports, books, several news articles, and a 60 Minutes documentary on Brunel’s sexual exploitation of underage models.’

That legal battle waged on for years before finally ending in December, when Epstein settled with Edwards and publicly apologized after the lawyer counter sued for defamation. 

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