Ted Cruz: Deep State Working Behind Trump’s Back to Preserve Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal

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Ted Cruz claims Deep State staffers working behind the scenes to preserve Obama's Iran deal

Senator Ted Cruz has warned that staffers at the Treasury and State Departments are working tirelessly behind President Trump’s back to preserve Obama’s Iran nuke deal.

Sen. Cruz accused senior Trump administration officials of giving Tehran waivers allowing them to conduct nuclear tests at a military bunker that holds Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

“If these reports are indeed accurate, then it is a temporary victory for the deep state staffers at Treasury and State who continue working tirelessly to preserve the Obama Iran deal rather than implementing the president’s directive,” Cruz warned.

“I will continue to work towards permanently ending the nuclear deal, including by exercising Congress’s important oversight responsibility to ensure the implementation of United States policy.”

“I hope these reports turn out to be wrong,” Cruz said.

“The president has correctly ordered his administration to halt implementation of the catastrophic Obama-Iran nuclear deal. These waivers are part of the deal, and allow the Ayatollahs to build up their nuclear program, including at Fordow, a bunker they dug into the side of a mountain so they could build nuclear weapons.”

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Ted Cruz and other Iran hawks in Congress have been pressuring the State Department to end the waivers for several months, reported Adam Kredo.

The waivers are allowing Iran to continue business as usual marching forward to develop a fully functioning nuclear weapon.

Obama’s former Secretary of State and architect of the Iran nuke deal John Kerry has also been engaging in shadow diplomacy with Iran.

In May of 2018 it was reported by the Boston Globe that John Kerry had been secretly meeting with foreign officials to salvage Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

On May 8th, 2018, President Trump announced he was set to withdraw from Obama’s Iran nuke deal calling it one of the worst deals he’s ever witnessed.

Leading up to Trump’s announcement, John Kerry, the architect of the Iran nuke deal, was reportedly behind the scenes on a “stealthy yet aggressive mission” of shadow diplomacy, desperately trying to preserve his pact by meeting with Iranian official, Javad Zarif.

Iran is becoming increasingly defiant and recently announced it will be once again breaching a limit set on uranium enrichment.

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