Leaked Trump Video: “Biden Is Quitting – Kamala Is the Nominee”

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Trump declares Biden is quitting race, and Kamala will become Democrat nominee.

Newly leaked video shows President Trump confirming that Joe Biden is quitting the race, leaving Kamala Harris to take his place as the Democratic nominee for President.


100percentfedup.com reports: Dom Lucre shared the same video but put a man with a giant pumpkin head in the video.

And yes, if you think I’m going to use that as an excuse to share one of my favorite Norm Macdonald jokes ever, you’d be exactly right.

Watch here:

Ok, ok, for everyone who doesn’t get it, I will explain.

The joke is so simple.

The joke is basically that you expect the man with a Giant Pumpkin Head to have messed up his third wish somehow by asking for the wrong thing or phrasing it wrong.

But in reality, he’s just a moron who literally wished for a Giant Pumpkin Head after getting everything else he wanted.

It’s one of my absolute favorites.

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