Wi-Fi Health Dangers & Radiation Health Effects

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In an excellent report by SafeSpaceProtection.com (link), they warn: “Wireless Internet routers or Wi-Fi modems use dangerous electromagnetic radiation to send their signals to your computer through walls. If you have a wireless Internet router set up in your home or office (or WiMax, Blue Tooth, Air-Port Extreme, Air-Port Express, Netgear, D-Link, Belkin, Linksys and other wireless network devices) you are receiving massive EMF exposure, and living or working in a dangerous soup of radiation.

These antenna radiation patterns have been shown to lead to numerous health problems. We’ll discuss the technologies and the wifi health risks below, and the SafeSpace solutions that can help prevent them.

Intensity of EMF Exposure

Those DSL routers and cable modems that make it so convenient to get online emit electromagnetic radiation in the low gigahertz frequency level—this level of radiation is considered by scientists and health experts as potentially dangerous. In fact, the typical home or office wireless networks transmit radio signals in the same general frequency range as the frequency that microwave ovens use to cook food.

Duration is a Factor in Wi-Fi Health Dangers

Most wi fi heath damage comes from cable modems and DSL routers don’t get turned off at night: they stay on. connecting your machines to the internet whether you’re surfing or not…and flooding your space with EMFs 24/7.

Layering Increases the Wi-Fi Health Affects

Think about when happens when you check for a network signal. Do you see the Wi-Fi signals of your neighbors? Harmful artificial EMFs are compounding all around you.

Radiation Health Effects

You may have read about a recent case that made the news: A physician noted members of her family experiencing sleep disturbances, heart palpitations, migraines, and general poor health, all starting in the same week.

Recent EMF Studies

More scientific EMF studies suggest prolonged exposure to wireless DSL or cable devices cause tumors, as well as memory loss and other forms of brain damage.  In general, high artificial EMFs like these have been shown to disturb the human body’s natural energetic field, leading to stress and fatigue as well as DNA changes and degenerative diseases like cancer. (See EMF health effects.)”

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