Studies Reveal Some Surprising Health Benefits Of Smoking Marijuana

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Study: while cigarette smoke damaged lungs, moderate marijuana smokers showed greater lung capacities than non-users


Medical marijuana has been commonly used for cancer, chronic pain, inflammation, nausea, glaucoma and many other ailments for thousands of years, although it must be said that cancer did not exist a few generations ago.

In recent times thanks to the hippie movements of the 1960’s and the promotion of the illicit drug, a lot of research has been done on the cannabis plant, producing amazing positive results that have baffled the modern medical fraternity, who commonly depend on the pharmaceutical industry for their directives in study and prescription.

Below are a few studies that show some the more surprising health benefits of cannabis.

Newsy reports:

THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, has been shown to reduce tumor growth in lab mice and human tissue; researchers believe the chemical triggers certain receptors that prevent tumors from growing.

Second up, the lungs. Despite all the coughing jokes, marijuana isn’t linked to lung damage –– in fact, it may improve how lungs function. (Video via Columbia Pictures / “Pineapple Express”)

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found while cigarette smoke damaged lungs, moderate marijuana smokers showed greater lung capacities than non-users.

One of the researchers told Time that inhaling deeply when smoking pot could be a sort of exercise that helps expand lung capacity.

Next, the brain. Marijuana has even been shown in some studies to boost creativity — at least to a degree.

British researchers found marijuana increased the verbal fluency of participants who ordinarily tested low for creativity. Verbal fluency is a test where you say as many words as you can beginning with a certain letter.

More and more empirical evidence is coming to light that marijuana is a wonder plant that has been dubbed an illegal drug to suit the giant multinationals dabbling in big oil and its by-product the pharmaceutical industry (who go on to dabble in plastics and synthetic drugs). Although the benefits are not proven by means of trial and error in laboratories, they have been proven in the real world time and again, up to a high probability level.

Science could study the wonder plant for another thousand years as the real world and the common man has for the previous millennia. There is no prejudice towards scientific research if it is actually done for the benefit of living things rather than for profit and prestige.



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