Israel Allegedly Bombs Syrian Missile Base Near Damascus

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Reports from Beirut indicate that Israel has struck the Syrian army at the 155th Brigade base north of Damascus near the Lebanese border.

This follows another purported Israeli air strike in the area on Friday.

Now Media reports:

“Israeli planes breached Lebanese and Syrian airspace and bombed the Syrian regime’s 155th Brigade [base] in the Qutayfa area, destroying a number of missile warehouses,” media sources told the pro-rebel outlet. also spoke to a Syrian activist calling himself Ahmad Yabrudi, who told the outlet Israeli planes had “entered Syrian territory from Lebanon at 9:30 p.m. [Sunday] and bombed Scud missile warehouses belonging to the regime.”

“The planes bombed three warehouses containing scud missiles at the 155th Brigade [base] in western Qalamoun’s Qutayfa area, completely destroying the above-ground [installations].”

Pro-Hezbollah Mulhak news also reported on the incident, citing an exclusive source who also said that Israeli warplanes targeted the Qutayfa base.

“The Israeli planes did not enter Syrian airspace,” the source added. “The 155th Brigade was targeted from above Lebanese territory.”

For its part, pro-rebel outlet Souria Net said the 155th Brigade base was an important launch site for missile strikes on rebel held areas of Syria.

“The raids targeted three ballistic missile silos at the 155th Brigade, which is one of the foremost bases responsible for firing scud missiles at Syrian towns outside regime control,” the outlet’s correspondent in the Qalamoun region reported.

Souria Net also spoke to a defected Syrian army officer, who gave details on the location of the base.

“Brigade 155 lies some 7 kilometers away from the town of Qutayfa and is part of the missiles directorate in Syrian army staff command’s artillery and rocket forces,” a defected 1st Lieutenant, identified only by his first name told the outlet.

“Yasser” said that the Qutayfa base contains three “launch battalions” as well as “an engineering battalion, located at the end of the brigade base, where missiles are gathered and loaded with launch-fuel.”

“There are also vaults and silos that have been dug in to the mountains surrounding the Brigade.”

“The Brigade has two launch battalions in Rif Dimashq’s Al-Nasiriya area; one of them is the 578th Battalion, which carried out the first launch of Scud missiles against the Syrian people.”

“The Al-Nasiriya area is also home to a large warehouse containing those missiles.”

Friday night airstrike

The Sunday evening strikes come after reports emerged that Israel had conducted an airstrike Friday near Syria’s border with Lebanon.

Leading Israeli newspaper Haaretz cited the pro-opposition news outlet Syria Moubasher as saying that Israeli jets had bombed Ras al-Ayn and Qutayfa at 11 p.m. on Friday. went into detail on the purported Friday strike, with a local activist saying that Israel had bombed a Hezbollah position between western Qalamoun’s Ras al-Maara and Al-Jubba that houses surface-to-surface missile warehouses.

“The second strike targeted the Syrian regime’s 21st Brigade [base], which is located in western Qalamoun’s Qutayfa area,” the activist added.

Friday’s strikes led to the death of around 10 Hezbollah fighters and seven National Defense Force militia fighters, he added.

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