Cops Seize E Jean Carroll’s Gun Following Trump Assassination Threats

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Cops seize E Jean Carroll's gun following reports of Trump assassination plot

New York police have confiscated an unlicensed firearm belonging to E. Jean Carroll following assassination threats made against Donald Trump.

In January, The National Pulse reported that Carroll admitted to holding a firearm at her home during her defamation trial against former President Trump. This revelation, according to a police report, led Warwick, New York police to visit Carroll’s residence on February 15 to address the weapon.

The gun confiscation comes amid multiple credible threats against Trump from high-profile far-left activists.

National Pulse reports: During the trial, Carroll informed the federal court in lower Manhattan that she kept the firearm, a “high standard revolver, nine chambers”, along with ammunition at her home, next to her bed. She also admitted to not possessing a firearm license.

Following the on-site discussion, reporting officer John Rader arranged for the firearm’s safekeeping at the police station. The next day, Carroll and a member of her team handed over the gun. Under NY state law, possession of an unregistered firearm can lead to a criminal possession charge with a maximum sentence of four years.

In the same trial, after a contentious debate around Carroll’s gun ownership, the jury ordered Trump to pay Carroll $83.3 million for defamation. Trump was previously found liable for defaming Carroll during his presidency. He has denied the accusations and has filed an appeal against the judgment after securing a $91.6 million bond.

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