Train Driver Risks His Life Warning Passengers Of Impending Crash

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Video shows a Polish train driver warning his passengers to take cover before his train smashes into a lorry stuck on the tracks.

The driver left his cabin just seconds before the crash at a level crossing in Western Poland and ran down carriages warning passengers to brace themselves.

train The Daily Mail reports:

The driver can first be seen on the video dashing into a carriage, startling around a dozen passengers.

He runs between the sets of red seats, and before passengers have time to wonder why he isn’t in the cabin, he appears to shout to them

Presumably warning them to brace for impact, the whole carriage bends down in unison with their heads turned away from the window.

Some get down on the floor while others bend down as low as they can in their seats.

The video cuts to footage from an outside camera on the train, which is thought to be travelling at this point at around 60mph.

A lorry which, for reasons unknown, has been left over the tracks, can be seen coming fast into view.

The train is travelling through a rural area of of the country, and as the two vehicles collide the lorry breaks apart and skids into a field.

Another camera on the front of the train shows a different angle of the impact, and shows that the tail end of the long lorry was in the impact zone.

The camera lens shatters due to the force of the crash, sending lines across the screen.

None of the passengers were thought to have been badly injured, thanks to the train driver’s quick action.

He can be seen standing up after the drama has passed, looking around the carriage appearing a little bewildered.

Broken glass from the shattered windows has built up on the train seats, demonstrating how fortunate it was that no one was seriously hurt.train


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