ABC’s Health Guru Says Australians Should Wear Masks & Get Boosted

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ABC dr norman swan

ABC’s ‘medical expert’ Dr Norman Swan wants to see the return of fasks masks and more jabs as the arrival of an eight covid wave is declared.

Swan told The Project that a ‘Covid Christmas’ was about to begin and that everybody should make sure they are up to date with their vaccinations, avoid crowded spaces and mask-up, even in indoors.

Warning that “This is not a mild virus and the death rates are going back up again” Swan said: “Stay outdoors, don’t go indoors to stuffy environments, wear masks to protect yourselves, and if you’ve got symptoms like a runny nose or a cough stay away from your relatives”

He added: “For those of you that have not had a jab in 2023; Really, another jab? I mean you haven’t had a jab for quite a while [so] put on your big boy pants or your big girl pants and go out and get one”.

The Mail Online reports: Dr Swan said those who have yet to get their Covid jab in 2023 that they are better off waiting for the next version of the jab that will be released on December 11. 

The new version of the vaccine is designed to specifically fight off the most common version of the virus as emergency rooms struggle to keep up with cases. 

It targets the new XBB variant that was first discovered in late December 2022 and has quickly become the dominant strain in the country. 

Covid case numbers have increased in all states and territories leading medical experts to declare it the ‘eighth wave’.

Vaccine fatigue has become a major problem as public sentiment is keen to move on from the days of lockdowns and mask mandates, but ERs are still under the pump. 

As much as 35 per cent of people are admitted into hospitals carry the virus which can lead to deadly outbreaks in those vulnerable communities. 

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