What Is Hawaii Hiding? State Refuses To Give Shark Attack Numbers

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With the recent horrific shark attack in Maui Wednesday that killed a 65 year old woman (read YourNewsWire’s report here), another report from 2013 seems more relevant than ever.  The report asks the question:  If Hawaii is so safe from shark attacks, why won’t they release their victim activity statistics?  It is fascinating to read and though two years old, very timely considering the recent attack in Hawaii.

SkepChick reported:

According to International Shark Attack File stats, between 2008 and 2013, shark attacks increased from 1 a year to 13 in Hawaii. I know, I know, that’s still a very small number, but that is a 1200% increase, which is MASSIVE!

In contrast, California, which had TWICE the number of attacks as Hawaii at the start of this period, has experienced a 50% decrease in this time frame. Yes, this means that Hawaii in 2013 has had 1200% more attacks than California.

The trend in Hawaii is DISTURBING.

Okay, okay, so this probably just means an increase in activity in the water. For California, for example, you can see a relationship between victim activity and number of attacks in this ISAF chart, which you can get to from the main ISAF Stats, Trends, and Analysis page.

You might notice something very suspicious, however. The same data appear to be missing for Hawaii.

What is Hawaii hiding?


Now missing information could mean a lot of things. There’s no reason to assume the worst, such as an elaborate cover-up to line Hawaii’s pockets with more tourist dollars by minimizing risks. I’m just presenting the facts.

But it only gets worse.

Out of 47 total attacks in the United States in 2013, only 1 was fatal. Guess where that happened?

That’s right. Hawaii.

We can see the needless death so much more clearly in a chart.

Shark Attack

But even if we don’t emotionally exploit a very small death toll, a comparison of the number of attacks is still SHOCKING, especially when you consider Hawaii’s shoddy information-providing practices. Odds are, the numbers are much higher, closer to what the far right bar shows in comparison to a year for California. But even if it isn’t, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that your risk of shark attack, even death, is HIGHER in Hawaii, no matter how we make the comparisons. And every single number I’ve provided in this post is a verifiable fact.

Shark Attack

You can bet that when I find out the name of whoever is responsible for this, I will not stay silent. I will make sure everyone knows the TRUTH about them. Because if I can save just one person, or thirteen, from horrific trauma and even death, it’s worth it.

You’re welcome.


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