CNN Analyst Fears Americans Might ‘Enjoy Freedoms’ Without Getting Covid Vaccines

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Leanna wen pushes vaccines

CNN medical analyst Leana Wen is warning that Americans may take back their pre-pandemic freedoms without having a covid jab if the Biden administration doesn’t act fast and make vaccinations a precondition.

Sounded the totalitarian alarm, Wen, who was previously president of Planned Parenthood,the largest US abortion provider, said:

“We need to make it clear to them that the vaccine is the ticket back to pre-pandemic life

RT reports: Wen lamented to CNN host Chris Cuomo that many states have begun to fully reopen their economies and remove Covid-19 restrictions, leaving a “very narrow window” to tie normalization of everyday life to vaccination status.

“Because otherwise, if everything is reopened, then what’s the carrot going to be?” Wen asked. “How are we going to incentivize people to actually get the vaccine?”

So that’s why I think the CDC and Biden administration need to come out a lot bolder and say, ‘If you are vaccinated, you can do all these things. Here are all these freedoms that you have.’

The troubling alternative, Wen added, is that “people are going to go out and enjoy these freedoms anyway,” which will leave the US vulnerable to a new surge of Covid-19 infections next fall. Wen’s comments come amid a global controversy over the so-called ‘vaccine passports’ that require citizens to show proof of their Covid-19 vaccinations to be able to access anything from sporting events to airline travel to shopping. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Friday signed an executive order banning vaccine passports to block creation of a two-tiered society with first- and second-class citizens based on inoculation status.

The CNN medical pundit’s authoritarian take on public health was chilling to many observers. “Unbelievably scary,” former acting director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell said. “They think we get our freedoms from the government.”

Republican strategist Andrew Surabian also was among those who were alarmed by the segment. “No issue is more important than stopping these authoritarian psychopaths from implementing their digital vaccine passport system,” he said. “Turning American into a two-tiered caste system, where everyone is tracked and traced like in China, would forever alter our country’s DNA for the worse.”


  1. my question is, what is in those vaccines that they are just so anxious to put in us all? Something very suspicious about this whole thing. The virus is 99% survivable, and the vaccine claims to be 95% effective. Now how can they come up with that last statistic? It is impossible to know the effectiveness of the vaccine. The vaccine is not FDA approved, none of them are. People are being herded into getting it.
    Not me. I will get fired first, live in a tent if I have to. I will not get this vaccine.

    • Some of the wealthy .Oh maybe most of the wealthy Not all.of them though Some inherited, some had a good idea some had a talent , some won ,some got lucky .Some worked hard .Yeah right .

  2. aren’t you guys glad they put a sensible middle aged Asian woman on air to tell us how we should think?

    • That’s what we all get for being complacent and “tolerant” and putting these communists into positions of authority in this country.

  3. I don’t need a vaccination to grant me freedoms, I was born with “all these freedoms” what a moron, I can go on and on about what is wrong with this.

  4. Herding the masses is was it is all about. I knew from the beginning that Covid was a giant psyop designed to scare people and usher in a global police state. F this. Time for violence.

  5. Chinese CCP agent telling US CITIZENS how to live? WTF is this shit?! Is she buddies withe Dr. Su Pan, Chinese medical dictator of California? How did the CCP get their Chinese agents in these positions and why does anyone believe this?

  6. There is NO such thing as liberty at the barrel of needle given out by despotic drug cartels.

  7. My freedom doesnt hinge on VAX..GET IT
    and if you got a Problem meet me in the Street

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