Hypocritical Media Treatment of Mueller Rape Allegations Proves Bias

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Liberals told us that women must be believed about sexual abuse, however they are now trying to dismiss allegations against Robert Mueller.

During the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, liberals across the country told us that all women must be believed about sexual abuse. Fast forward less than one month, and the same people are claiming the sexual abuse allegations against Robert Mueller are false and must be dismissed without being heard. 

Liberal hypocrisy has rarely been more breathtaking. Truly, if the Democrats didn’t have double standards, they would have no standards at all.

Just as the nation was coming to terms with the Democrats’ new rule (i.e, all accusations of sexual abuse by women must be automatically believed) we are now being told that the new rule only applies to some accusations of sexual abuse by some women. Take a look at this headline from the mainstream media:

Looks Like Someone May Be Planning False Sexual Assault Accusations Against Robert Mueller

An unknown person or organization appears to be planning a series of false sexual misconduct allegations in an effort to smear Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Independent investigative journalist Scott Stedman whose writing has appeared in The Guardian, first alerted the world to the work being done in a series of tweets during the early morning hours on Tuesday.

Did the journalists actually investigate it? Or do they just taking Mueller’s version at face value?

Or are they just trying to protect Mueller to enable him to continue his witch hunt against President Trump?

Liberal women demonstrated en mass against the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, unveiling slogans such as “Believe women” and “Believe survivors.” It seems they no longer hold these values.

Three women came forward to accuse Kavanaugh of the same sort of behavior with absolutely no actual evidence and no witnesses supporting the claims, yet Democrats with the support of their public relations arm (also known as the mainstream media, pretending they are journalists), ran with a non-stop avalanche of stories in print and on networks stating or implying that the women should be believed.

I must have missed the headline that said:

Looks Like Someone May Be Planning False Sexual Assault Accusations Against Brett Kavanaugh

I wonder why.

The bias of the fake news media has become impossible to miss.

The fake news media reported on Kavanaugh as though he was guilty and is reporting on very similar accusations against Mueller as though he is an innocent-victim of a smear campaign. How has the media determined that Mueller is innocent other than him saying so?

Here are a few sample headlines about Kavanaugh: Can anyone spot the difference between the reporting on Kavanaugh and Mueller?

Why Brett Kavanaugh Wasn’t Believable

Totally misreading court records and other ways people are trying to undermine Kavanaugh’s accuser

The staggering hypocrisy of Brett Kavanaugh

A brief summary: Republicans are guilty until proven innocent and Democrats (or people the media and Democrats support) are innocent until proven guilty and even if Democrats are guilty of violating laws like James Clapper, Eric Holder, John Brennan and Hillary Clinton, they are still supported.

And these people continually act like they want laws and justice to be administered fairly, claiming that no one is above the law.

Give us a break.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. Keith Ellison beat up his girlfriend, hates Jews and wants Sharia law. The Democrats went “Meh? Let’s make him MN Attorney General”

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