Wearing Womens Tights Over Face Mask Helps Stop Covid Spread New Study finds

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Wearing ladies’ tights on top of your face mask is an effective way to reduce the risk of catching covid, according to a new study from Cambridge University

Researchers were reviewing a variety of DIY tactics that people have used to make face masks fit better, including using rubber bands or tape…and pantyhose.

For some reason they forgot to look at the use of womens thongs!

Their findings were published in the journal PLOS One.

The Mirror reports: Other hacks included filling the gaps with bandages or tying the strings for a tighter fit.

But the method which showed the most promising results was to wear tights across the bottom half of your face and over your face mask.

Face coverings have been criticised for not fitting tightly enough in order to significantly reduce the viral particles that a person breathes in or out.

But the researchers said this bizarre new hack could close the gaps around the nose and mouth and lower the amount by up to seven times more than a loose face mask.

They also noted, however, that it was “unlikely to be tolerated for extended periods of time” given the physical and social implications of wearing pantyhose on your face in public.

The study looked at data from four volunteers who tried the seven different methods using both surgical and KN95 masks, reports MailOnline.