Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Builds Compound on Newly Purchased Island

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Jeffrey Epstein builds new compound on newly purchased island

Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is building a new compound on the 165-acre island of Great St. James, which he recently purchased for $18 million.

Last year, Epstein’s infamous ‘pedo island‘ burned down following an earthquake.

The island used to be a favorite getaway spot for D.C. and Hollywood elites. reports: Epstein, a deep-pocketed socialite who has palled around with famous faces that include former President Bill Clinton, allegedly ran a seedy network of underage girls who were often coerced into doing Epstein’s sexual bidding.

But Epstein, a hedge fund manager, managed to weasel out of serious consequences for running his pervy syndicate, termed a “sex pyramid scheme” by the Miami Herald.

Despite him having more than 30 victims, in 2008, federal prosecutors quietly dropped charges against Epstein under the direction of then-Miami US Attorney Alexander Acosta, who is now President Trump’s labor secretary.

Instead, Epstein was allowed to plead guilty to a state charge and spent 13 months in jail. He is now registered as a Level 3 sex offender.

In February, a federal judge ruled that the prosecutors working the case broke the lawby not notifying Epstein’s victims that they were cutting him a plea deal.

Epstein, meanwhile, reportedly is building a compound on the 165-acre island of Great St. James, which he purchased in 2016 for $18 million. He lives on the neighboring Little St. James.

The project has been the subject of a stop work order since December, a spokesman for the Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources told The Post.

The spokesman confirmed that there has been unauthorized work on the island since the stop work order was issued.

The Virgin Islands Daily News reports that Epstein used a shell company called “Great St. Jim LLC” to purchase a large swath of Great St. James and to apply to the Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources to conduct work on the island.

Epstein is building a complex of buildings on the island that include an amphitheater and an “underwater office & pool,” the Virgin Islands Daily News Reports, which will all be linked by a private road.


  1. 3×6=18
    Are we all awake now?
    13 months in jail? 13…. is there even any physical proof of him being in prison long term? It’s all a joke.

  2. LOL..pedo island destroyed by an earthquake… lol

    What complete BS. it was destroyed by a human earthquake.

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