101-Year-Old Paedophile Becomes Britain’s Oldest Convict

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A 101-year-old retired lorry driver has become Britain’s oldest convicted paedophile after having been found guilty of a string of historic sex offences against children.

The 101-year-old paedophile was reported to police after his victim’s saw Facebook posts praising his 100th birthday celebration.

The Mirror reports:

Police fear he may have preyed on others youngsters who had not yet come forward.

DC Fennon, who conducted a series of interviews with the paedophile, told the Birmingham Mail : “Throughout my entire service I have never been as affected as I was in this case.

“I have never witnessed a suspect talk about the offences they are accused of, or the offences they have admitted to, in such a blasé, non-committal and non-remorseful way.

“He said: ‘It just happened’, which I have never seen before.

“I did not expect him to make admissions in interview, but he was utterly remorseless about all of it.

“I formed the impression that he actually enjoyed talking about what he did.”

DC Fennon said it had been entirely in the public interest for Clarke to have been prosecuted, despite his age.

She said: “Of course it’s in the public interest to pursue and prosecute anybody who abuses children, whenever it may have happened.

“He was fit to be interviewed, fit to enter pleas and fit to stand trial.

“He fully understood what was going on and I am pleased he has been brought to justice.

“Sadly, the only exceptional element of the case is his age – but his age made no difference to us at all.

“We may be talking about offending from 40 years ago, but why should they (the victims) not get justice?

“They deserve justice, just like any other victims of abuse.

“I really hope he is sent to prison and these victims finally get the justice they deserve.

“The victims who have come forward have shown incredible bravery.

“I have been with them the whole time and they have been phenomenal.

“I have been very frank with them that, in my view, he will never say sorry for what he has done.

“One victim in particular just wants him to acknowledge what he did and to say sorry.

“For them, the trigger to come forward was that he had not died.

“He kept celebrating birthdays and, after seeing tributes on his 100th birthday, they made the brave decision to visit a police station in August 2015.

“We are obviously concerned that there are more victims out there and I would encourage them to come forward and speak to us. It is never too late to secure justice.”

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