Manhunt In Brussels: Police Besiege House After Shootout

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Two suspects 'still at large' after one was "neutralised"


Armed French and Belgian police are involved in a major operation in Brussels after gunmen wounded four officers during a raid on Tuesday.

A manhunt is under way on the streets of Forest district after shots were fired in a raid related to November’s Paris terror attacks.

ITV reports:

Two suspects in the raids in Brussels are still at large after one was “neutralised”, local media has reported.

Armed officers launched a manhunt on the streets of the Forest district after at least one gunman opened fire through the door of an apartment, as police carried out a raid linked to November’s terror attacks in Paris.Brussels

At least one of the suspects still at large is believed to have barricaded themselves inside the apartment.

Local media reported that a police helicopter spotted another suspect, armed with a machine gun, in a nearby garden before he was “neutralised” by security forces.

The reports do not clarify whether “neutralised” means killed or arrested.Brussels

Belgian police carried out the raid with the support of their French counterparts. Four officers were injured during the exchange of bullets.

A large part of southern Forest has been cordoned off and residents asked to stay indoors, while two schools have been placed on lockdown while the search continues.

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One suspect in Brussels raid ‘neutralised’ after gunfight

One suspect in today’s raids in Brussels has been “neutralised” after a gunfight with police, Belgian media has reported.

Daily newspaper DH said the suspect was spotted from a police helicopter wielding a machine gun in a garden near where a raid was conducted earlier in the day, and was targeted by armed police officers.

Meanwhile, the number of officers injured in the operation has risen to four, according to the country’s state broadcaster RTBF.

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At least one person ‘barricaded in apartment in Brussels’

At least one person has barricaded themselves into an apartment as armed police hunt gunmen who wounded three officers during a raid linked to November’s terror attacks in Paris, according to reports.

The Mayor of the Brussels district of Forest, where the raid took place, told Le Soir newspaper that it was unclear how many people were hiding out in the apartment, and whether any others were on the run.

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