Ministers STILL won’t tell truth about torture

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Ministers STILL won’t tell truth about torture

Foreign Office refuses to give details of UK meetings with team behind CIA dossier:

Ministers faced fresh accusations of a cover-up last night after refusing to reveal crucial details of British meetings with US politicians investigating CIA torture.

Home Secretary Theresa May was one of several British politicians and envoys who paid 24 visits to senior members of the Senate Intelligence Committee as it investigated barbaric techniques used on terror suspects.

The disclosure has fuelled claims that the Government desperately lobbied to keep allegations of Britain’s complicity in torture out of the committee’s damning report.

In the end, there was not a single mention of Britain’s security and intelligence services when the dossier was published this month, highlighting horrific mistreatment of detainees by the CIA including beatings, waterboarding and rectal feeding.

No 10 has admitted that MI5 and MI6 held negotiations with the committee about blacking out any passages that might compromise ‘national security’. But Mrs May insisted she hadn’t discussed redacting details about Britain when she visited committee chairman Dianne Feinstein for talks in September this year, claiming they discussed other issues.

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