MSNBC’s Joy Reid: “I’d Vote for Biden if He Was Literally Dead”

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MSNBC's Joy Reid says she'll vote for Biden even if he's dead.

MSNBC host Joy Reid has declared that she would vote for Joe Biden this November, even if he was declared medically dead.

According to Reid, if the President is put into a permanent coma, she’ll still support him over Trump.

In her TikTok rant, Reid declared:

“Y’all just tell me who the nominee is, just let me know when you guys are finished fighting amongst yourselves, who I got to vote for to keep Hitler out of the White House. Who I got to vote for to keep Hitler out of the White House.

Y’all do your thing, play in traffic in front of these Republicans, act a fool in front of these people instead of privately discussing your stuff. But don’t text me no more. I can’t take more of these texts.

Just let me know when you Democrats are done figuring this out. I know you’re the freakout people, go ahead and freak out. Have your conversation, and then let me know who I have to vote for to keep Hitler out of the White House.

And by the way, if it’s Biden in a coma, I’m going to vote for Biden in a coma. I don’t even really, in particular, like the guy. A lot of his policies? I don’t like them, but he’s not Donald Trump, right?

Yeah, Hitler, White House, we’re keeping him out.

We’re keeping Project 2025 out — that’s all I care about. Up and down the ballot, from the rooter to the tooter, school board all the way up to the White House and everything in between. Governor, members of Congress, I’m going to vote all the way down to keep these people out.” reports: Earlier this month, Reid was having a total meltdown, accusing the Supreme Court of siding with Trump over his claim of absolute immunity.

“They have granted monarch-like powers to Donald Trump and declared him immune from prosecution for any acts that can be declared official acts. So any acts that he conducts as President, and said that any act he conducts as president, which may have resulted in crimes, must be presumed to be official acts if they are done through the purview of the presidency,” Reid said.

She suggested that Joe Biden’s health is irrelevant as long as former President Trump does not regain the presidency.

“It’s above Joe Biden now. Don’t care about Joe Biden’s age infirmity, that he shuffled when he walked. I don’t care. He could be seated for the rest of from now to election day and never get up off a chair. He could sit down. He could roll around in a wheelchair. He could be on a skateboard, seated. I don’t care. Donald John Trump cannot be allowed back into the White House,” Reid added.

Reid’s willingness to vote for a candidate based solely on party affiliation—regardless of their health condition or policy stance—undermines the essence of the Republic: informed voting based on careful consideration of a candidate’s qualifications, policies, and ability to lead.

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