Pilot Testifies Bill Gates Spraying ‘Air Vax’ mRNA on Humanity via Chemtrails

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Bill Gates is spraying airborne mRNA on dense urban populations and rural areas with low vaccine uptake according to a commercial airlines pilot who has come forward to blow the whistle on chemtrails operations in North America and Europe.

Bill Gates is spraying airborne mRNA on dense urban populations and rural areas with low vaccine uptake according to a commercial airlines pilot who has come forward to blow the whistle on chemtrails operations in North America and Europe.

As the globalist elite find it harder to convince humanity to submit to Covid mRNA shots and endless boosters, they are having to find deceitful new ways to force their mRNA on us.

According to pilots familiar with the scheme, the new airborne mRNA, known as Air Vax, is designed to deliver the vaccine right into people’s lungs, bypassing the need for injections – and the need for consent.

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In the last 12 months mainstream media has begun preparing the public for the revelation that the global elite have been secretly spraying chemicals on populations for decades.

This is a slow reveal and the elite are using the media to spread their doom-mongering climate predictions in the hopes the public will be terrified into accepting chemtrails as a solution to climate change.

However, the climate change narrative is nothing more than a cover story. How do we know? Declassified documents released decades ago proved the real genocidal intent of the government’s top-secret chemtrail agenda.

Some things don’t change. The government are still going to great lengths to deceive the people, only now the smokescreen is climate change rather than the Cold War.

Fast forward to 2024 and everyone in North America and most of Europe is inhaling toxic chemicals and airborne mRNA, according to whistleblowing pilots who reveal that governments are working hand-in-glove with the military and private contractors to operate the top-secret operations.

According to one commercial airline pilot who has been doing in-depth research into chemtrails, there are thousands of people in the US, and as many again across Europe, who are involved in the business of chemtrails, most of whom have some idea of what they are doing.

Speaking anonymously with his voice digitized to protect his identity, the pilot, who asked to be called John, explains that many people within the aviation industry are fearing for their lives:

Everybody working in aviation understands the stakes are high and whistleblowers get whacked. They don’t last long. The stakes are too high. Did you see what happened to the Boeing guy? All he did was try and talk about safety, cutting corners, basic things. Try talking about chemtrails – you won’t last a minute.

Everyone working on chemtrails in any capacity understands this. There are thousands of these people and none of them are talking. You’ve got the pilots, many of them are military or ex-military and they know how to keep quiet. Then you’ve got commercial planes involved too. These guys have signed NDAs and they understand the gravity of what they are doing. They have to understand what they are doing because they sign dangerous goods declarations whenever there are hazardous chemicals onboard. These commercial planes are modified with conversions that are easy to roll on, roll off. But these pilots, yeah… they know what they are doing. The same goes for the engineers and the air-traffic controllers. They can’t not know. Chemtrail planes don’t appear on flight radar. A lot of people have noticed this while watching a plane leave grid-like patterns above their houses in the countryside. There is no trace of the plane on flight radar websites. Ghost planes. So air traffic control and the government and military are all involved – because if they weren’t, an unregistered plane not appearing on flight radars would be taken out within minutes by the air force.

You have to realize there are thousands of people involved but a lot of these people believe chemtrails are in the public interest. They have been told by their superiors that they are fighting climate change, they are making the world a better place, and what they are doing is necessary – but the public can’t find out under any circumstances. So these guys, they think they are doing something glamorous and exciting, like working for the CIA or military intelligence. They think they are James Bond.

In reality, these misguided souls following orders from above are responsible for spraying densely populated urban areas with highly toxic and carcinogenic chemicals. Including, as John explains, airborne mRNA.

As Science Translational Medicine‘s editor Courtney Malo explained in this important article, newly developed airborne vaccines can be used to disseminate mRNA widely and rapidly without relying on injections – or the need to seek consent:

We have been looking into this because we started hearing reports from colleagues that something had changed in the storage facilities onboard and they weren’t signing hazardous goods forms anymore. In the US, the military is spraying mRNA. From what we understand, mRNA is being sprayed in remote areas and cities where vaccine uptake is lagging. In Europe, we hear that it is a combination of military and commercial planes. Many of these guys don’t understand what they are doing. But we know that in the US the military has been spraying chemicals on populations for decades now.

Our research suggests that mRNA is a military developed product and the cover story involving Moderna and Pfizer was just for cover. In reality mRNA was a DoD and Deep State product made in conjunction with the globalists around 10 years ago. The Project Warp Speed, eight month production schedule, that was all kabuki theater, part of the grand plan to brainwash the masses, force them into mass formation psychosis. So it’s no surprise the Pentagon is involved in administering mRNA to the masses.

What else are they spraying? As John explains, they have done tests in Europe using mass spectrometry to analyze the residue that settles on cars and windows during periods of heavy chemtrail pollution. The results from Europe are disturbing to say the least:

It’s important to understand how toxic this stuff is. We are talking about graphene oxide, aluminum oxide, barium and mRNA. These are some of the most toxic metals in the universe. I have young children. To think they are being slowly poisoned with this stuff… When I saw the results of these tests, I became radicalized. There is no other word for it. A fire was lit inside me. I have been researching ever since and this is very dangerous but I quickly realized I am not the only one in the industry, far from the only one, who wants to expose this.

Chemtrails aren’t only crimes against our children and crimes against humanity. They are also crimes against the natural world. The chemicals from the chemtrails land on plants and get into the grass which animals are then eating.

When aluminum gets into the soil, it slowly kills everything. Aluminum promotes autism in children and Alzheimer’s disease in adults. They have sprayed so much aluminum in chemtrails around the world that bees have elevated levels of aluminum and they are starting to develop a form of Alzheimer’s. When bees stop fertilizing flowers and pollinating our crops, we will be totally reliant on the elite for our food:

There is a theory that the real goal of spraying chemtrails is to convert the atmosphere into plasma for weather modification, scalar mind control technology, geotectonic warfare, and other nefarious uses. From what I can see, and my colleagues agree with me, it’s all part of the control apparatus.

The root cause is the depopulation agenda. This is at the heart of everything. If you have been listening to the crap that is coming out of the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, the European Union, these sorts of places, you can connect the dots for yourself.

You won’t be surprised to hear that Bill Gates is a key player in the plot to deliver airborne mRNA to the masses – without their consent.

There are a lot of companies that apply for geoengineering contracts and when we have looked into their funding it always leads back to the Gates Foundation. From what we understand, Gates is fanatical about disseminating mRNA far and wide. He’s also developing ways to lace the food supply with mRNA, so we are experiencing a two-pronged attack at the moment.

This information, while shocking, should not come as a surprise to anybody who has been paying attention.

Dr William Deagle warned us almost twenty years ago that the government and military were engaged in spraying operations and using climate change as a smokescreen.

The Georgia Guidestones told us the global elite want to reduce the population to 500 million. Since then, a procession of globalist ghouls, often speaking from their safe space in Davos, have made the same pronouncement about eugenics and depopulation.

The elite’s strange code of ethics requires that they tell us what they are going to do to us – using occult code and symbols.

The problem for the elite is that we have cracked the code and we can see what they are doing to us.

We understand the real purpose of Agenda 2030 and their so-called sustainable development goals.

We understand that when they say they are spraying the skies to “fight climate change”, they actually have a far more nefarious goal in mind.

We understand that barium, aluminum, and graphene oxide should not be injected into our children, nor should they be sprayed all over us from a great height.

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