Vax Pushing Dutch Politician Claims Her Bells Palsy Is Stress Related

Fact checked
BELLS PALSY - Nilufer Gündogan

Dutch politician Nilufer Gündogan recently appeared on TV showing clear signs of having Bells Palsy, a condition that causes a sudden weakness or paralysis in the muscles on one side of the face.

The covid vaccine pushing politician claimed that her condition was stress related

It’s probably just a coincidence that Bells palsy is one of the possible side-effects of the covid jab…

Nothing to see here then…


  1. Stress doesn’t cause BP, it can enhance it and aid your body in developing it due to the weakened immune system stress brings on. Nice attempt to spin the well known effects of jabs though there lady.

    • No. Generally speaking as da gerouz as that it it’s always the same always the opposite. They who “hate truth and beuty” as reveled by Pope Emeritus Benedict, have their ways to create ugliness in the truth and beury in the beast. And that’s what they do very well too. But over time the ugliness comes through and the beuty endures BUT beury is in the eyes of the beholder The deceived will always be wrong.

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