Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue REFUSES to Apologize to Cancel Culture Mob: “It’s Suppression of Speech”

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Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue refuses to apologize for supporting Trump

Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue is refusing to apologize for supporting President Donald Trump, and has slammed the cancel culture mob for trying to suppress the free speech of Americans.

On Thursday, Unanue praised POTUS in the White House during the president’s meeting with Hispanic leaders:

Robert Unanue: “We’re all truly blessed at the same time to have a leader like President Trump who is a builder. And that’s what my grandfather did. He came to this country to build, to grow, to prosper. And so we have an incredible builder and we pray for our leadership, our president. And we pray for our country that we will continue to prosper and to grow.


Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Of course, this did not go well with the cancel culture mob of Marxists.

They were outraged that the Goya Foods CEO would praise Donald Trump and posted their familiar threats against the CEO and lies about President Trump.

And, as Kristinn Taylor reported earlier, the left immediately threatened the CEO and the company.

On Friday morning Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue joined FOX and Friends to react to the backlash from the leftist mob for praising President Trump.

Robert Unanue would not apologize for his praise of President Trump. Unanue told FOX and Friends he also praised Barack Obama. “I’m not apologizing.”