Experts Issue Warning Over New Covid Variant

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Experts are warning that the covid pandemic is “not over” after an increase in cases among the older population has been recorded.

They say they are worried following the detection of a subvariant, BA.2 dubbed ‘Stealth Covid’ and recommend vaccination as the best source of protection

According to reports, the new Stealth Omicron variant is more transmissible and proving difficult when trying to differentiate with standard covid tests.

MSN reorts: The latest data shows that overall cases have decreased significantly since the peak of the Omicron wave in January, however, cases among those aged 55 and over have started to creep up.

The reason for this could be down to an increase in socialising between age groups ever since restrictions were lifted or booster jabs starting to wear off.

Dr Jenny Harries, chief executive of the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), said: “These data confirm that cases have declined substantially following the peak of the Omicron wave.

“However, the increasing presence of the BA.2 sub-lineage of Omicron and the recent slight increase in infections in those over 55 show that the pandemic is not over and that we can expect to see Covid circulating at high levels.

“Vaccination remains the best way to protect us all from severe disease and hospitalisation due to Covid-19 infection. We urge you to come forward for your primary or booster doses straight away if you have not already done so.”

The latest findings from the React-1 study, covering February 8 to March 1 – round 18 of the study, show that prevalence in England during this period was 2.88 per cent.

A decrease from the 4.41 per cent reported in round 17 covering January 5 to January 20 2022 but still the second highest recorded rate of cases since the study began in 2020.

This suggests that around the time the data was collected, one in 35 people in England had contracted coronavirus.

Professor Paul Elliott, director of Imperial College London’s React programme, said the increasing number of BA.2 cases needs to be monitored carefully.

“It is more transmissible. We are seeing an uptick in infections, particularly in the older group, and we are seeing an uptick in hospitalisations,” said Prof Elliott.


  1. They must have not gotten the memo…covid is gone, it is all about the Ukraine now. Meanwhile buried beneath the drivel about this war Pfizer has quietly released data which show some very interesting details about their “vaccine”.

  2. yeah, HHS sent me a home test, i never asked for one but claimed it was on the way, never showed up but the USPS said it was delivered and would not let me file a claim – connect the dots – making it up as they go along

    • Here they’re called RATs. To catch a rat you need a bait to set the trap Something that will lure them in thinking it will be good. Rapid antigen tests.

  3. They know fear tactics work, after all, look how the Covid scam worked last time.

    They’re going to switch the lie on when they want the populace to be very compliant. Turn it off for elections, or a different agenda, like the green scam, they want everyone to focus on.

  4. Whoa nellie…now that these devils have been exposed for their bio warfare labs In Ukraine and around the globe they’re falling back on ole Corona. Watch out, more lockdowns etc incoming.

    • The injected will be in danger from the crap that has been injected into their system, and possibly most other things found in nature ,like bacteria

  5. No there wont be another PLANDEMIC until closer to the election, they are using the gas lock down first, then when they’re through with that… around election time, then the variant will magically appear.
    Better get your n95 and gas masks and radiation suits while you’re at it, oh no… can you imagine a mass exodus in EV’s!

  6. Don’t tell us about increasing cases without differentiating between increased jabbed cases compared to non jabbed which we can deduce that if the figures that, obviously, you know perfectly well supported the argument to submit to jabbathon, then you would absolutely be screaming from the mountain tops. But your hiding them instead. Any clues?

  7. Phuck these so called experts. I live in the free state of Florida. We are done with the China virus bullshit.

  8. As there is NO SARS -CoV-2 virus in nature, How can there be any variant of something that does not exist? And without the NON-diagnostic or Validated RT PCR tool And its FRAUDULENT results due to its deliberate misuse This whole SCAM goes away

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