Denver Airport Admit New World Order Is Real … Or Do They?

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Denver International Airport played an April Fools joke on conspiracy theorists by claiming that the airport has a vast “underground network…a private site for our ‘elite’ New World Order travelers who value privacy and exclusivity.” reports:

OK, it’s really an elaborate April Fool’s Day hoax on DIA’s website. Airport officials started tweeting about it early Wednesday under the handle @DIAsecrets and with the hashtag #DIABunker. It proves that a major international airport can playfully poke fun at itself as it celebrates its 20th anniversary.

As anyone who has Googled “Denver airport conspiracy theory” knows, the Internet is filled with wacky theories claiming the airport has a super-secret subterranean headquarters used by (take your pick) the Illuminati, New World Order, Neo-Nazis, aliens or “Reptoids” — shape-shifting lizard-people. The rumors often revolve around what some see as a vague Swastika shape to DIA’s runways and taxiways when viewed from the air.

DIA staffers had an April Fool’s blast with it all.

“Welcome to the underground network at Denver International Airport (DIA), a private site for our “elite” New World Order travelers who value privacy and exclusivity,” the hoax webpage declared.

“Our state-of-the-art underground network includes world-class accommodations and services. We invite you to explore our amenities, which no other bunker within the New World network can match. Every touch, from the advanced biometric entrances to our pampering massage services, are all designed to provide you with the best in clandestine travel experiences.”

The webpage featured photos of underground passageways and workers laying a concrete taxiway with a Free Masons’ symbol stamped on it (with Photoshop trickery).

@DIAsecrets tweeted a photo of a trio of creatures with lizard-headed masks zooming around in a golf cart with the text “Caught on camera: The underground ‘others’ at Denver airport” and “#Conspiracy.”

Caught on camera: The underground “others” at Denver airport #Conspiracy

— DIA Secrets (@DIAsecrets) April 1, 2015

In reference to Bluecifer, the giant statue of a blue horse with glowing red eyes and murals showing the end of the world, DIA said, “For 20 years, DIA has offered a world-class selection of public art that includes permanent and temporary exhibits. Some of the iconic pieces include ‘Mustang’ by Luis Jiménez, ‘Notre Denver’ by Terry Allen, and the ‘Children of the World Dream Peace’ murals by Leo Tanguma. We know that some of our elite travelers are concerned that members of the public have cracked the secret code of these pieces that connect the airport with the bunker, but we can assure you that future artwork will be much harder to decipher.”

DIA also spoofed secret underground accommodations at the new steel-and-glass Westin Denver International Airport hotel that will open this fall.

“Prefer to sleep underground? These same Heavenly accommodations are also available in the sleeping quarters of the bunker, located on levels U16-20. These quarters will be accessible via specially marked hotel elevators using your pin code,” the website said. “Totaling 37,500 square feet of ‘elite’ function space, the conference center is the perfect location for your next Illuminati, Freemason, Knights Templar or Skull and Bones business meeting or event.”

“The bunker’s concierge service operates 24/7 and is co-managed by @GovJVentura and @StephenAtHome (Stephen Colbert). Services include post-apocalypse planning, bunker room decorating and private tours. Learn more about our concierges’ combined years of experience here and here.”

There was a top-secret reference to “The Others” — but the page stated: “Sorry, this content is restricted to elite travelers with Omicron-level clearance. For the public version, please click here. Still want to learn more? See your bunker orientation specialist for more information about obtaining the proper security clearance.”

The links take you to a National Security Agency webpage titled, “UFO Documents Index” and a quiz , “Which Possible Illuminati Member Are You?”

For those who didn’t get the April Fool’s joke, DIA officials issued this news release later Wednesday morning:

OFFICIAL STATEMENT ON LEAKED WEBSITE: Earlier this morning, a private link to a web page on the official Denver International Airport website,, was leaked by an unknown party to members of the media. At this time, our information technology team is working to secure the page, which was not intended for public distribution. While the airport certainly does offer world-class passenger amenities, with connections to more than 170 destinations around the world, the contents of this specific site were intended only for a select group of individuals with the proper security clearance. Thank you, and have a wonderful April Fool’s Day.

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