Australia Introduces $5000 Fines for the Unvaxxed

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Australia introduces 5,000 dollar fines for unvaccinated

Australia has introduced harsh $5,000 fines for employees who refuse to get vaccinated by Christmas Eve, warning that they will be issued fines and fired from their jobs.

Most Northern Territory workers could face expulsion and hefty fines under a new health directive that makes it mandatory for employees who interact with the public to have their first jab by November 12.

Second doses will need to be complete by December 24, Chief Minister Michael Gunner announced.

“If your job includes interacting with members of the public, then you need to get the jab,’ Gunner told reporters on Wednesday.

“If you work in retail or in a supermarket, you need to get the jab,” he warned.

“This is a very broad principled-based vaccination policy based on health advice. Most people in the NT … are one degree away from a vulnerable person.” reports: It also includes hospitality workers, barbers, hairdressers, beauty therapists, receptionists and bank staff.

“All of these workers and many, many more directly interact with members of the public and that means you must be vaccinated,” Mr Gunner said.

It also includes essential infrastructure, security, transport and logistics workers.

“Everything we’ve done has been through the legal team that Health has, the solicitor general’s team, and the attorney-general” Mr Gunner said.

“We worked on this in great detail to make sure it is consistent with how we’re allowed to do the chief health officer’s directions”.

The new rules also allow employers to demand proof of vaccination from staff and to keep information on those who have had the jab.

The directive also acknowledges a booster vaccine will be required in 2022.

Some exemptions will be permissible.

“But these are extremely narrow and must be backed up with medical evidence,” Mr Gunner said.

“Simply not wanting the vaccine is not a reason.”


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