Dr. Naomi Wolf: ‘The New World Order Are LYING– We’re NOT in a Pandemic Anymore’

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Dr. Naomi Wolf says the elite are lying to us, the pandemic is over

Dr. Naomi Wolf, former Clinton admin advisor, has warned that the ‘New World Order’ are lying to keep the public enslaved so they can advance their agenda.

Speaking on Steve Bannon’s War Room, Dr. Wolf declared:

We’re seeing this state by state.  There’s some kind of contract where governors have to deliver a certain percent of vaccinated in order to get something from pharma or in order to fullfill their contract.  So you can see this structure over and over of, well we have to reach 70% of 80% of vaccinated or you don’t get your rights back.  And, this is not how America works.  I have my rights.  She (New York Governor Hochul) can’t make me…

They’re trying to drag us onto their field of rhetoric, and it is a field of rhetoric of lies and it’s built on lies.  And I always think of Goebbels saying if you just tell a big enough lie over and over again people will believe you.  So number one, as I say all the time, everybody agrees, all the data show vaccinated, unvaccinated, that it does not affect transmission.  So all of these tyranical measures are nonsensical because they’re predicated on transmission.

The other thing I want to say is “We’re not in a pandemic emergency anymore.  It’s not a pandemic.”



  1. “they in there hate truth” Pope Emeritus Benedict describing the residents of Vatican City. The rule of law rules everything. “THE Pope is the moral authority for rule of law” President Obomo. Is that plausible that rhe chief of the residents who hate the truth should be moral Authority for anything?

      • Plus 5G EMF bombardment and adding graphene to our air, water and food – guess leaded gas and big engines, in the past; then cooking with microwave ovens, MMR shots, GMO and aspartame weren’t killing us fast enough.

    • Its probably doesn’t exist, or they just do not want the world to see it because there will be no more lying about where it came from!

  2. “Their agenda” is the “vaccines” (murdering 6 Billion people with phony blood clogging poison they are calling “vaccines”)…

  3. The new world refers to America which was always called the New World and vwas discovered when Catholicism was the only Christian religion. The Order is like Holy Orders. The New World Order means when Catholicism takes control over America.

  4. Naomi Wolf is also not a medical doctor, her doctoral degree is in English Literature, she’s such a liar, she rarely mentions that inconvenient fact.

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