President Trump Orders Lamestream Media: Pauze Your Fake News Until After Coronavirus Pandemic

Fact checked
President Trump orders mainstream media to halt their fake news output until the coronavirus pandemic ends

President Trump on Saturday slammed the mainstream media for spreading fear with false reports on the coronavirus outbreak.

“Certain media outlets should stop spreading false rumors and creating fear and even panic with the public,” Trump said.

The president spoke directly to reporters during the White House press briefing on Saturday afternoon.

“I could name them, but it’s always the same ones, I guess they’re looking for ratings, I don’t know what they’re looking for,” Trump said, calling it “so bad for our country and so bad for the world.”

POTUS reminded the assembled reporters that they had the lowest approval ratings of anyone during the crisis.

“You got to put it together for a little while,” Trump warned. “Get this over with, and then go back to your fake news.”