ISIS Fires Rocket Destroying Egyptian Naval Ship

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ISIS have claimed responsibility for a rocket attack which has seriously damaged an Egyptian navy ship anchored in the Mediterranean Sea.

Claim to the attack came from a number of Twitter accounts known to be controlled by members of the militant group.

They fired a high power rocket into  the navy ship, causing it to burst immediately in to flames.


According to American Military News [1]:

The patrol boat was making its way along the Mediterranean coast line of the popular vacation destination when it spotted a group of militants on the shoreline and exchanged fire.

Map from the Daily Mail:


Reports from eyewitnesses suggest that a rocket was fired from the shore which hit the vessel that was roughly 1 to 2 nautical miles out to sea.

Due to the sheer distance of the ship, Egyptian authorities  are also looking into the possibility that the attack was carried out by a terrorist that swam out to sea, placed the explosives on the boat and detonated them with a remote control.

Luckily no one was killed or severely injured in the blast. This is just the most recent example in a string of terrorist attacks against Egypt. Yesterday, Egyptian forces killed a man driving a car packed with explosives that was headed to blow up a military post. On July 1st 17 Egyptian soldiers were killed in a similar fashion.

ISIS has been visible in the Sinai region since last November when footage of 2,000 ISIS militants pledging allegiance to the terror group surfaced. Their spread through the nation has caused Egypt to become much more heavily involved in the fight against the Islamic state.

Here is footage of the smoldering ship:




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