New Book Claims Former CIA Director Allen Dulles Ordered The Hit On JFK

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Allen Dulles
Sen. John F. Kennedy, (left), and Allen W. Dulles

A new book claims that former CIA director Allen Dulles ordered JFK’s assassination because he was a ‘threat to national security’

There has been also speculation that JFK signed his own death warrant when he fired the CIA chief following the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

However, in his book, journalist David Talbot insists that head of the ‘most potent agency’ during the Cold War wanted Kennedy ‘removed’ for the ‘good of the country’.

And this is is just one of a number of allegations Talbot makes against Dulles.

The Mail Online reports:

In The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government, Talbot states Dulles and his brother John Foster Dulles, the Secretary of State under Dwight Eisenhower, helped undermine American democracy.

The founder and editor-in-chief of also said Dulles ‘undermined or betrayed every president he served,’ and sensationally suggests he may be involved in murdering one of them.

Talbot also claims that Dulles tried to make a deal with Nazi Germany in the last days of the Second World War that would see Hitler out, but some of the Third Reich would be in place.

Dulles, he suggests, also oversaw a CIA program that conducted extremely dangerous experiments on the human brain.

He was interested in finding out whether ‘LSD could be used to program zombielike saboteurs or assassins.’

Talbot writes: ‘Washington was gradually taken over by business executives, Wall Street Lawyers, and investment bankers.

‘During the Eisenhower administration, the Dulles brothers would finally be given full license to exercise their power in the global arena.

‘In the name of defending the free world from Communist tyranny, they would impose an American reign on the world enforced by nuclear terror and cloak-and-dagger brutality.

‘The Dulles brothers would prove masters at exploiting the anxious state of permanent vigilance that accompanied the Cold War.

He adds: ‘The Allen Dulles story continues to haunt the country. Many of the practices that still provoke bouts of American soul-searching originated during Dulles’s formative rule at the CIA

‘Mind control experimentation, torture, political assassination, extraordinary rendition, mass surveillance of U.S. citizens and foreign allies—these were all widely used tools of the Dulles reign.

Dulles became the first civilian Director of Central Intelligence in 1952 under Eisenhower. He illustrated coups in Iran and Guatemala, putting pro-American governments in place.

However the disastrous Bay of Pigs and the perception that the new CIA-backed regimes were brutally and corrupt led to a drop in his popularity.

He was eventually dismissed under Kennedy and replaced by John McCone. Dulles was later appointed to the Warren Commission that investigated the assassination.

President Kennedy was shot and killed by a sniper in Dallas in 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald was the prime suspect, but many conspiracy theories have increased suspicion others may have been involved.

The Warren Commission concluded it was the work of a ‘lone gunman’ – but doubts have been cast over the findings.

McCone was the director of the CIA when Kennedy died. It therefore means Dulles would have had to return to the CIA two years after he retired to orchestrate the plot.

But Talbot insists there was a ‘consensus’ in the agency that ‘for the good of the country, he must be removed. And Dulles was the only man with the stature, connections and decisive will to make something of this enormity happen.’

His suggestions underline the pitfalls of the Warren Commission – that suggested a lone gunman was behind the assasination.

But he doesn’t offer a plausible alternative.

Last week a report claimed McCone withheld information about the assassination.

The CIA reports, which were declassified last fall, claim that then-agency head John McCone and other top officials were part of a ‘benign cover-up’ surrounding the assassination of Kennedy in November 1963.

The report’s author, CIA historian David Robarge, claims McCone withheld information to keep the Warren Commission focused on what the agency believed to by the ‘best truth… that Lee Harvey Oswald, for as yet undetermined motives, had acted alone,’ according to Politico.

McCone and others were ‘complicit’ in keeping ‘incendiary’ information from the Warren Commission, a group established in the days after Kennedy’s assassination by President Lyndon B Johnson to investigate the incident.






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