Nuclear War Would Cause Apocalyptic Ice Age, Experts Warn

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Nuclear war would cause apocalyptic ice age, study says

A new study warns that a nuclear war would cause worldwide temperatures to plummet by 13 degrees, triggering a ‘Nuclear Little Ice Age’ that would lead to mass starvation for most of humanity.

The study, conducted by researchers at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, warned that a nuclear war would devastate the world’s oceans, with the effects being felt for thousands of years. reports: Whether through a deliberate act of war, an accidental detonation, or a hacking breach, the detonation of a nuclear arsenal anywhere in the world would spread into the upper atmosphere and impact everyone on the planet.

“In all of the researchers’ simulated scenarios, nuclear firestorms would release soot and smoke into the upper atmosphere that would block out the sun, resulting in crop failure around the world,” the study found.

“In the first month following nuclear detonation, average global temperatures would plunge by about 13 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees C), a larger temperature change than in the last Ice Age.”

Rapidly expanding sea ice would then block major ports, like those located in Beijing, Copenhagen and St. Petersburg, crippling major global shipping lanes and preventing food imports to mega-cities like Shanghai.

“The sudden drop in light and ocean temperatures, especially from the Arctic to the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans, would kill the marine algae, which is the foundation of the marine food web, essentially creating a famine in the ocean. This would halt most fishing and aquaculture,” the study found.

The scientists discovered that a nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia would result in fires that would spew “more than 330 billion pounds of smoke and sunlight-absorbing black carbon into the upper atmosphere.”

“We can and must, however, do everything we can to avoid nuclear war. The effects are too likely to be globally catastrophic,” the scientists concluded.

The study was published in the peer-reviewed journal AGU Advances.

As we previously highlighted, a separate study conducted by Rutgers University found that nuclear war between the United States and Russia would cause two-thirds of the planet to starve to death within two years.

5 billion people would perish, primarily as a result of nuclear detonations causing huge infernos that inject soot into the atmosphere which blocks out the sun and devastates crops.

Following Vladimir Putin’s warning that Russia was prepared to use its nuclear arsenal to defend its territorial integrity, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic warned that the planet is entering into a “great world conflict” that could take place within the next two months.


  1. BLINDED BY THE WHITE OUT OFF THE CHART UV and five leaking nuclear reactors in japan!.WE ARE ALready THERE nuclear winter HOtter and colder

  2. It’s already started 8 years ago with the assassination of the Russian general that msm want you to pretend didn’t happen.
    It will start “officially” this weekend with a big event, like 9/11.The German deputy leader already said so and Putins already bring in conscription and ordering the arms manufacturers to step up production and nobisinv 300,000 reservists troops right now yesterday. Because the west’s thinking they’ve got him on the run and because irans joined Russia China and a heap of other factors the news won’t tell you. Like the fact 4 or 5 Ukraine regions are having a referendum this weekend to join Russia.

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