Obama’s Warning About End of American Democracy ‘Scared Me’ Says Rachel Maddow

Fact checked

MSNBC hosts came over all emotional on Wednesday as they discussed Barack Obama’s convention speeches.

Rachel Maddow even confessed that there were parts of Obama’s ‘powerful’ speech on the third night of the Democratic convention, that actually “scared her.”

“President Obama’s speech tonight slayed me,” said Maddow. “I’m sure people will have different opinions about it because it’s a different kind of thing. His warnings that we could potentially be at the end of American democracy scared me, and I found upsetting and hard to watch. But it’s powerful. Powerful stuff.”

Breitbart reports: Co-host Joy Reid said, “So President Obama can be a poet. There’s a kind of speech he gives — particularly his eulogies — that are all poetry and take you through these emotional chords of American history.

He’s a writer, so he speaks as a writer and participates in writing his speech, which is unusual for a politician.

And he has this poetic and almost dramatic sort of sense. That was not the kind of speech he gave tonight.

This was President Obama saying, ‘I sat in that office, and I want you to listen to me because I’m warning you because I know it from inside the job that there’s a danger here.’

This was the speech that Obama has given throughout all of the speeches I’ve read or watched that absolutely did feel like the most of a warning. And I think it was warning about the potential end of America.”


  1. What a load of rubbish Anyone who thinks ,that apart from the wild card of Trump upsetting all of their faked stagecraft , that america has a real democracy anyway is a fool .All the worlds a stage and democracy has been just another act for decades Since the 1930 s when Common Law was dumped in the trash. .

  2. Since we are a constitutional republic this bozo piece of human excrement obama proves again he should never have been elected when he claims we are a democracy. Our forefathers hated demon mocracy .

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