Pete Buttigieg’s Brother-in-Law Says He Is ‘Not Fit To Be President’

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The brother-in-law of Democratic Party presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg says he is "not fit to be president."

The brother-in-law of presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg says he is “not fit to be president” and is also pushing back at how the narrative about him being created by mainstream media.

Rhyan Glezman, one of Chasten’s two brothers, was quoted in a Washington Post story saying he loved his brother, but, ‘I just don’t support the gay lifestyle.’

His other brother Dustin said the family strain continues, saying, ‘We never got over it.’

DailyMail reports: Glezman, a 34-year-old pastor from Clio, Michigan, is taking issue with how his family narrative is being cast, and indicated he is not likely to vote to make his brother first spouse. 

‘Do I love him? Absolutely. He is my brother.’ Glezman said of Chasten, 29. 

‘You can’t change that. Just because we have a disagreement doesn’t change that,’ he told the Washington Examiner, who caught up with him in his small Michigan town as Buttigieg continues to remain in an upper tier of Democratic candidates.

Democratic presidential candidate and South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg (L) is introduced by his husband, Chasten Glezman Buttigieg, during a grassroots fundraiser at the Wynwood Walls on May 20, 2019 in Miami, Florida. Chasten’s brother older, Rhyan Glezman, is complaining about media portrayals of his brother’s youth

Glezman also responded to a claim, depicted in the Post story, that Chasten lived economic deprivation.

The Post reported he ‘has been a homeless community college student and a Starbucks barista,’ recounting his time living on couches after coming out as gay to his family. 

He grew up in a working class family, but for a time broke ties, going to Germany on an exchange program as a student. 

‘The further away I could get, the safer I felt, he told the paper, which recounts Chasten’s telling that one of his siblings said ‘no brother of mine …’ when he broke the news to his family that he was gay.

Rhyan Glezman (l) is a pastor in Clio, Michigan and married to (right) wife Erin. The couple took part in a protest against Planned Parenthood; in contrast his brother-in-law Pete Buttigieg has spoken in favor of pro-choice policies

There had been earlier cultural clashes in the home. ‘I would be inside reading Harry Potter or singing Celine Dion at the top of my lungs while my mom and I were dusting the cabinets,’ recalled Chasten. His brothers more interested in hunting and outdoor activities.

He moved out, living on friends’ couches and occasionally sleeping in his car in a parking lot of a community college.  

‘He was struggling for a time. But there was nothing on the family end that said he had to leave,’ said Glezman.

‘The story makes it look as if he came from nothing, a poor family,’ complained Glezman. ‘Chasten had everything, from cellphones paid for, car insurance paid for.’

His brother accused him of playing the ‘victim card.’

Pete Buttigieg is featured on the cover of Time Magazine with his husband Chasten

He also vented that Christians were being shunned in the political conversation. ‘I believe for me, as a Christian, we’re the people being shunned, people being silenced, and a lot of the liberal side of things are becoming the bigots to Christianity and faith,’ he said. ‘They are becoming the intolerant side.’

He blasted what he considers the tailoring of a story to fit the Buttigieg campaign.

‘A mayor from a small city and his husband, a child who grew up with nothing and his parents kicked him out … it makes a perfect political story for the campaign,’ he told the reporter at his Clio Community Church. 

‘To me that’s very sad. If that’s all you have to stand on, you’re not fit to be president of the United States.’

Chasten says of the time he told his parents he was gay during the summer after graduating high school and said: ‘I remember my mom crying.’

He added: ‘And the first thing she asked me was if I was sick. I think she meant, like, did I have AIDS?’ 

A recent Time Magazine profile recounts how Buttigieg and Glezman met on online dating app Hinge while Buttigieg was serving as mayor, and follows his decision to come out while in office to avoid any political problems while dating.

Titled ‘First Family,’ it describes mundane elements of the couple’s home-life, including how they divide chores and bicker over food. 

 The Post’s headline was: ‘Chasten Buttigieg has been a homeless community college student and a Starbucks barista. Now, he could be ‘first gentleman.’ 

Whatever the truth of Chasten’s experience coming out, his parents Sherri and Terry, both 55, are now supportive of him, and gave him away when he married Buttigieg at the Episcopal church in South Bend where they married in 2018.

Chasten Glezman described his parents as his husband’s ‘biggest fans.’

The couple run a landscaping and Christmas decorations business in Traverse City, MI. Their other son Dustin, 31, also works in a landscaping business, in Georgia.

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