Israel Hopes To Appoint Tony Blair As ‘Humanitarian Coordinator’ In Gaza

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Tony Blair

With growing international pressure on Israel to do more for Gaza civilians, Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly hopes that Tony Blair will take on task and provide the war effort with ‘greater legitimacy

A report on Sunday claimed that the Israeli prime minister was seeking to install the former British prime minister as a “humanitarian co-ordinator” in Gaza building on his experience in the region.

And Blair the war criminal is apparently open to the role as Israel’s “humanitarian coordinator” and was “discussing the situation”. His spokesman said that no offer had yet been accepted.

According to the Times of Israel: The Ynet news outlet, citing unnamed senior officials, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hopes to leverage Blair’s experience as former envoy to the region for the Middle East Quartet to temper international concerns over the civilian cost of Israel’s campaign in Gaza.

The report indicated Blair has been contacted on the matter and talks have been ongoing in recent weeks. The former British leader’s office told Ynet in response that “he has not been given or offered a position,” but did not directly deny any contact.

Ynet said the exact definition, scope and authority of the proposed role had not yet been clearly defined, adding that there would be an emphasis on “providing medical treatment and medicines, and on the possibility of evacuating the wounded and sick from the Strip.”

According to the report, efforts at easing the humanitarian situation in Gaza are being coordinated by Israel’s health and defense ministries, with the former assisting in a number of projects in recent weeks, including efforts by international actors to set up field hospitals in Egypt and the arrival of a hospital ship from France.

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