President Biden: ‘Man-Made Climate Change Biggest Risk Facing Humanity’

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Biden says biggest risk to humanity is climate change

As the world teeters on the brink of World War 3, President Biden has just declared that man-made climate change is the “ultimate threat to humanity.”

On Tuesday, Biden boasted how his administration is obsessed with combating the “climate crisis” above all else.

At one point during the speech in the South Court Auditorium, between the coughing and slurring, Biden warned of the “devastating toll of climate change.”

“You know, I’ve seen first-hand what the reports make clear,” Biden said.

“The devastating toll of climate change and its existential threat to all of us and is the ultimate threat to humanity – climate change.”


Steven McQueen reports: Biden’s comments come amid the escalating proxy wars in Israel and Ukraine.

Both conflicts are drawing America closer to a nuclear world war than in decades.

Last month, Iran’s proxy army Hamas launched a terror attack on Israel and took American hostages.

Tensions are also escalating on the Lebanon border.

Hezbollah terrorists are exchanging gunfire with Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Rockets from Syria were also fired at Israel.

The entire Middle East is growing more and more unstable by the day.

Russia, a nuclear power, is also threatening the United States as the Biden admin continues to fund the endless war in Ukraine.

As the world edges toward nuclear war, Biden continues to push the fearmongering narrative about “climate change.”

After his brief remarks about the climate, Biden shuffled away and didn’t take any questions.

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