Video: Trucker Fighting for His Life after Ottawa Police Beat Him to Bloody Pulp

Fact checked
Canadian trucker left fighting for his life after Ottawa police beat him to a bloody pulp

A truck driver has been left fighting for his life after a gang of Ottawa police officers viciously beat him to a bloody pulp on Saturday.

Fox News’ Gregg Re shared the disturbing video on Twitter:

Information liberation reports: Canadian state media refused to cover the assault.

Police were filmed dragging another man behind a set of cars and viciously beating him while he was on the ground:

Trudeau took a knee for Black Lives Matter and George Floyd (whose death was broadcast all over Canadian state TV) but his own goons abusing peaceful protesters by mercilessly kneeing them is perfectly fine.

Police were also seen attacking citizens for filming them and threatening local business owners for supporting the peaceful protests.

On Friday, police on horseback trampled a man and a woman with a walker then accused their victims of exhibiting “assaultive behavior.”

Police claimed the woman with a walker threw a “bike” at them then had to change their story after their lies fell apart.

Ottawa police have pledged to vindictively prosecute all the peaceful protesters who took part in the demonstration, which was only deemed “illegal” by executive fiat.

“If you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges. Absolutely,” Ottawa interim police chief Steve Bell said Saturday. “This investigation will go on for months to come.”

If the US was still the moral leader of the world, we’d be sanctioning Trudeau and Ottawa officials for human rights abuses. Instead, Biden ordered Trudeau to launch the crackdown!


  1. So the Canadian gov is to actively pursue you, and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges.

    This, in my opinion, is leading up to the Central Banking Cartel’s next move. A totally cashless society. The only way to participate is by showing proof of being inoculated.

  2. Those UN troops think they are tough 6 against one with hands cuffed behind their backs. I say the time for peaceful protest has ended. time to get even and take your country back “by any means necessary” as they would say.

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