Trudeau’s Troops Begin Smashing Windows and Dragging Protestors Out by the Scruff of Their Necks

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Justin Trudeau's troops begin smashing car windows and dragging out protestors

Ottawa police, under direct orders from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, have begun smashing windows of vehicles and violently dragging out peaceful protestors to arrest them.

On Friday, large numbers of militarized police troops set up a perimeter around the protest zone and began making mass arrests.

GWP reports: Once the officers had gathered, they began their descent into the protest zone. A massive line of Police clashed with protesters as they methodically pushed forward to corral the convoy.

Dozens of brave protesters, many of which were veterans, stood their ground and refused to budge as the line of officers continued to bear down on them.

The police were making arrests as they went, forcefully grabbing individuals who had been separated from their groups.

In one video, officers can be seen forcing a protester to the ground and kicking him once he is down.

Bystanders attempt to intervene, but the officers form a barricade around the man to block their action from view.

Officers then made their way into the convoy itself, where all of the vehicles are blockading the streets.

Some people willingly got out of their vehicles when they were surrounded by officers, but others reportedly had their windows smashed out as they were forcibly removed.

One man, who has been at the protests for over a week, was removed after officers broke 3 of his windows to get him out of his vehicle.

It’s no wonder the Ottawa Police are keeping journalists out of the area by threatening them with jail time, this is getting ugly – and fast.

This is what happens with a tin pot, two-faced tyrant like Trudeau is in charge. It’s Canada’s Tiananmen Square moment.

This is a developing story, check back for updates.


  1. This is the best thing the could happen to Canada. The RCMP were always nat zeez. Canadian naïve fools need to get their guns back. Morons all of them except the rural people.

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