Elise Stefanik: Trump Voters Are ‘Critical’ to Republicans Winning Midterms

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Elise Stefanik says Trump voters are critical to Republicans winning midterms

Rep. Elise Stefanik has warned that Trump supporters are going to be “critical” in Republicans winning next year’s midterm elections.

In an interview with SiriusXM on Saturday, Stefanik, who is positioned to replace Rep. Liz Cheney as House Republican Conference chair next week, discussed what she would do differently from Cheney if she wins election.

“Number one, I would listen to the voters across the country, which I do every day in my district, which voted overwhelmingly for President Trump,” Stefanik told host Matthew Boyle.


Breitbart.com reports: Stefanik emphasized during the interview that the role of the conference chair is to serve as a “unified voice” that can speak on behalf of the majority of House Republicans.

Cheney, the current chair, has repeatedly taken heat from her constituents in Wyoming and from her colleagues in Congress for not only breaking with her party in January to vote in favor of impeaching Trump, but for continuing to speak out against the former president’s role within the GOP.

“I would also spend the time listening to the members of the conference and making sure that we’re representing the majority of the Republican conference’s views, and when you’re not able to do that anymore, you should step down from those leadership positions. You should realize that it’s not an opportunity for you to share your personal views, whatever they may be, that you speak for the team,” Stefanik said.

In the 2020 general election, Trump received 75 million votes, or about 47 percent, carrying half the states in the country, a point Stefanik said is “critical” for Republican leaders to consider going into the 2022 elections.

“I also would make sure that we’re not attacking our fellow members and attacking President Trump and Trump supporters,” she explained. “If you look at the November election, President Trump earned more votes than any other Republican nominee candidate for president in our nation’s history, and those voters, that coalition is going to be critical going into the next election.”

Trump this week announced he endorsed Stefanik for conference chair, which is also the third-ranking Republican position in the House. Trump called Cheney a “warmongering fool” and Stefanik a “tough and smart communicator.” Stefanik warmly accepted the former president’s endorsement and commented that the party was focused on “firing Pelosi”:

The New York Republican reiterated during the interview with Breitbart News that she would indeed zone in on opposing lead Democrats as conference chair. “The other focus I would have is on Joe Biden’s destructive radical policies and Nancy Pelosi’s socialist policies in the House,” she said, warning that “the more infighting that we have in the Republican conference takes away from the laser focus we should have on Americans’ frustration with how dangerous Joe Biden’s presidency has already been.”

Stefanik added, “I know that voters across this country want people who can stand strong and fight on their behalf and speak with a clear message about what’s at stake.”


  1. It’s all a lie
    Everything All of it .Its nit really a matrix per se ,its a total networked operation covering every community from NY city to Timbuktu .Complete control. All to deceive the while world. The great deceiver .
    They, you we cant believe a word they say. They hate the truth They hate Beuty ..Someone famous once said the way to truth is through appreciation of beuty or words to that effect .Its true .Without beauty there is only evil .

  2. About time they represent the people that vote for them and stand up to the commykrats, republicans are finished if they kneel down to the commies again.

  3. Trump voters? why do you name us Trump voters? I am a conservative voter, a vote for the constitution. I am not a Trump voter. He doesn’t like the constitution. He banned bump stocks, he back red flag laws, he peddled dangerous vaccines, he was backing home lock downs. I am looking for something much better than Trump. That is for sure.

  4. Zeig Heil.Conrade The party must come before the individual Only compliant clones permitted in her free world

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