Elderly Woman With Walker Trampled Near to Death By Trudeau’s Goons on Horseback

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An elderly woman with a walker who was protesting peacefully and chanting “Peace, love, and happiness” has been trampled near to death by Ottawa police as the situation on the ground continues to deteriorate.

What was once a truly peaceful protest, chalked with street hockey and bouncy castles, has become Trudeau’s Tiananmen Square: a horror show of tyranny, with police following orders from above and viciously beating peaceful protesters, including old women with walkers.


GWP report: Several crowd control measures have been employed already, including snipers on rooftops, pepper spray, and batons to try and crush the grassroots uprising that has gridlocked the city for three weeks.

Police have been making arrests and towing vehicles all day.

Despite the massive show of force, countless protesters continue to remain in the protest area, which prompted police to break out more severe tactics. Later in the day, RCMP officers on horseback were sent in to corral the crowd.

In some of the most shocking scenes to come out of Ottawa today, the mounted police officers began taking things into their own hands when they arrived.

In one video, several RCMP officers can be seen ramming their horses into the crowd of protesters as they clear a path for other officers.


In another video, the mounted officers can be seen taking things way too far.

A group of officers on horseback refused to stop or even slow down when they brutally trample a group of protesters who likely didn’t see them coming at all.

The officers just continue moving along as if nothing happened.

What’s even more upsetting about the entire situation is that these officers seem to be doing much more than simply “following orders.”

Some journalists who are on the scene, like the Westphalian Times’ Marie Oaks, have reported seeing the officers “laughing” as they commit their brutal assaults.

As of the latest update from the Ottawa Police, there have been over 100 arrests and almost 2 dozen vehicles that have been towed.

The Ottawa office of Public Health even tweeted out a notice for people to “turn off Twitter” so that the atrocities can go unseen and be memory holed.

How much further will this go? This is Trudeau’s Tiananmen Square.

Developing story, check back for updates.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. Folks check out reports from live streamers after about 7 pm last night — Many who were “arrested” have snuck back into the various tents set up for food and warmth and are telling the cameras “NONE WERE CHARGED — none signed any papers!!! they said they were given but told don’t sign them!!!!! , none of the orders had official stamps, signatures etc AND WERE ALL Let go around 6pm. I saw one stream zoomed in from across the canal where they did the “arrest”processing and watched 6 or 7 protesters just walk away!

    So what does this all say? ANSWER: This was all just a big show for the MSM! Period !!!! Get a clue folks !

    • Because Trudeau doesn’t have rhe legal right to introduce emergency legislations under the pretext he’s bluffing the people with.

    • I’ve read that U.N. “peacekeepers” would be used to masquerade as “police” to round up/attack protesters. Good question – the answer is “we don’t know”. But I’m guessing that’s exactly what is happening – they seem to love their mercenaries. I’m praying for the safety of The People in Canada. This is horrifying and is definitely Crimes Against Humanity, a very sad day.

      • This is true. just when the pandemic hit, there was a job announcement at the UN in NYC for “disarmament agent” or something like that. I saw it myself. the requirements were to speak french and english. many people made a big stink about it so they added a paragraph later about this position is not for the NYC but elsewhere. Requirements were to be former miltary.

        • I saw that, too, and remember it. I have a neighbor who is in her early 20s, a tiny little woman, and is a Marine. Her dad is a cop who is a sniper and taught her not only how to shoot a gun, but how to be an ace sniper. Lately, I’m very glad she’s my neighbor and friend…

      • I can am sure if these police were not at least some foreign mercenaries or UN troops, then I know Truedope has plans for using them if the police force rebels against him.

  2. It is sad, but the people giving the orders have no souls, and got wealth and power for selling their souls and serving Lucifer. These police get nothing. When Judgment day arrives they are all going straight to Hell for serving the satanists who serve Lucifer. On thing I have learned that is true and no one ever says it is: every boss is a moron. All the people at top positions giving orders and telling others what to do, claim to be smart and clever and knowlegeable, but they never are. They are wittless baffons spewing orders and commands thinking just being in Charge puts them above the people below them who are infinitely more intellegent, capable and know way more than they do. The people in charge are stupid. They lie all the time that they are right or know what is right. They have to bragg about how smart they are, like Trump because the truth is they are idiots. Anyone who is a policeman or a soldier following the orders from on high has just wasted his entire lif, earning one thing= a one way ticket to eternal hell when it is over. I pity them. Just take a good real look at Biden, he is a feeble minded imbicile. He is President. These people at the top always fall to the bottom of the #$%^ pile when the tabels are turned, and the tables are turning now, Hell itself is coming for them. But also sadly all who serve them as well, straight to everlasting eternal Hell.

    • Trudeau handed out 240 BILLION dollars in the first 8 months of 2020 but kept the recipients secret Most likely all bureaucrats whose departments are entirely ignorant of the gifts from God’s pennies from heaven. Trudeau did pledge he would hand out another 60 BILLION by beginning of 2021.But again has refused to let anyone except the recipients know whose getting the loot from covid.

  3. Did the AI predict, ‘Storm Trooper on giant horse tramples old woman in a wheel chair”? I don’t think so.

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