Macron Melts Down After 3 Year Investigation Concludes His Wife Was ‘Born Male’

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French President Emmanuel Macron has lashed out at investigators who uncovered evidence suggesting his 70-year-old wife was born as a male.

The news comes after it was revealed President Trump boasted to close associates that he knew secrets about Emmanuel Macron’s sex life from US intelligence sources, causing a “transatlantic freakout” when a file referred to as “info re: President of France” was found at Mar-a-Lago.

According to Macron, who vowed to sue anybody who pushes what he called the “false and fabricated” theory, “the worst thing is the false information and fabricated scenarios.”

Speaking at an International Women’s Day event in Paris Friday after he guaranteed the right to abortion in France’s Constitution, Macron said “people eventually believe them and disturb you, even in your intimacy.”

The speculation reached a crescendo last year when a court in Normandy, France, handed down a judgment in a defamation lawsuit against two French women, Amandine Roy, 52, a psychic and Natacha Rey, 48, a freelance journalist, as The People’s Voice reported at the time.

Both claimed in a since-deleted four-hour YouTube investigative video that Brigitte Macron was actually born as a baby boy called Jean-Michel Trogneux in 1953 — although Brigitte claims that is the name of her brother.

French investigative journalists claimed they uncovered evidence that Brigitte Macron was born male

New York Post reports: The investigators also alleged that Brigitte Macron’s first husband, André-Louis Auzière, had never actually existed before he died in 2019 at age 68.

Rey claimed that Jean-Louis Auzière, André-Louis’ uncle, had forged administrative documents to hide that his wife had given birth to all of Brigitte’s three children, including Tiphaine Auzière, the outlet added.

Following appeals, Roy was fined the equivalent of just under $1,000 and Rey had to pay about $500.

The Macrons first met when Brigitte, then 40, taught drama at the Catholic Providence school in Amiens. The future president was 15 — and her daughter Laurence was his classmate.

Though the French age of consent is 15, Brigitte was concerned about her relationship with Macron and how it would affect her kids.

“I took time so I would not wreck their lives,” Brigitte told Paris Match last year.

“That lasted 10 years, the time to put them on the rails. You can imagine what they were hearing. But I didn’t want to miss out on my life.”

Once the couple tied the note in 2007, Emmanuel, then-29, he told his three stepchildren, “Thanks for accepting us, a not-quite-normal couple.”

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