Angry Mothers Protest UK’s First Drag Queen Story Hour: “This is Child Grooming”

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Drag Queen story hour

A group of angry parents disrupted a Drag Queen Story Hour event in Britain on Tuesday, accusing the touring troupe of trying to “groom” young children.

The Story Hour UK group, run by Sab Samuel a 27-year-old autistic male children’s author who performs as drag queen Aida H Dee, are planning almost 70 performences for 3 to 11-year-old across 20 areas in the UK over the next two months.

However, the first event in Reading Central Library was met with an outburst of hatred from locals as police sought to protect the ‘host’ Samuel from parents who threatened to perform a “citizens’ arrest”

Breitbart reports: According to its website, Drag Queen Story Hour UK says that it provides “fun and interactive kids shows with amazing and talented drag performers!”

“Drag Queen Story Hour UK wants to show the world that being different is not a bad thing, and by providing imaginative role models for children to look up to, we can change the world book by book!”

Confronting Samuel on Tuesday, one mother said: “You’re probably teaching kids that there’s 100 genders, there’s only two sexes, no man can be a woman. We’re here to protect children.”

“You’re allowing child grooming to take place, this is disgusting,” another mother was heard in footage posted on social media.

The women were escorted out of the library by security and police officers who attended the scene, and who had gathered in their dozens to stand guard at the event in the face of protesters who had reportedly promised to perform a citizen’s arrest on Samuel, who was later escorted as police created a human wall to block him from protesters.

Commenting on the incident, senior researcher at the Family Education Trust charity, Piers Shepherd, told The Telegraph: “It is a matter of concern that police resources will be used in this way when there are so many pressing problems in need of their attention.

“The simple solution to this problem is for councils to call off the grossly age-inappropriate Drag Queen Story Hour and restore the local library to its proper place as a family friendly environment.”


  1. Obviously all organised with the Librarys involved who have co ordinated with councils and local government to arrange the grooming for dr makeover Mr Recreation .

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