U.S. Court Halts ‘Dangerous’ 5G Cell Tower Installation: “They Are Dangerous to Human Health”

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US court halts dangerous 5G cell phone tower installation

A New York court has banned 5G cell towers from being installed after evidence revealed they pose a danger to human health.

Residents in the hamlet of Mahopac within the town of Carmel, NY took their fight against Verizon Wireless to court after the telecoms giant proposed installing one in their neighbourhood.

State Supreme Justice Thomas Davis agreed with the plaintiff’s grievances. He ruled that the town of Carmel entered into an unlawful agreement with Homeland Towers to build a 140 foot cell tower in a residential neighbourhood.

Activistpost.com reports: “We do not agree with the State Judge’s decision,” Manuel Vicente, President of Homeland told Inside Towers, “and will continue to vigorously pursue our legal options in our efforts to bring critical wireless infrastructure and service to the residents of Carmel.”

In a close vote to approve the cell tower construction, Town Board member Frank Lombardi voted in favor of the cell tower plan. However, as a member of the Maple Estate homeowners association, he was part of the HOA group slated to earn $18,000 per year for the land lease.

“He should have disclosed his interest and recused himself from the Town Board’s vote,” Judge Davis stated.

“It’s unfortunate that the residents of Walton Drive had to take legal action against Homeland Towers and the town,” said former Town Supervisor, Ken Schmitt, who helped facilitate the original agreement. “I’m glad the residents prevailed. I could have done a better job, doing a deeper dive into the terms of the settlement. I fault myself,” he told the Westchester Journal News.

“Five of us kicked in to pay the lawyer,” said town resident Rob Cavallaro. “There’s a small balance we are still paying. It hurts. But something had to be done. And hopefully Homeland Towers goes away.”

Verizon Wireless and Homeland Towers have challenged earlier versions of this plan, running into obstacles with placement and zoning. There has thus far been no official response to Mahopac’s recent legal victory.

In 2021 a federal court ruled in favor of organizations and petitioners that sued the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for NOT adequately protecting Americans from wireless radiation exposure.  Despite the ruling, the FCC, as well as other government and state agencies and committees continue to promote and fund the deployment and densification of both 5G and 4G cell towers and other wireless infrastructure.  American businesses and school districts continue to install 5G, 4G, and Wi-Fi for “private networks” as well.  Additionally, catastrophic aviation safety risks from 5G activation have still not been resolved.  The Department of Defense (DoD) is trying to mitigate military radar interference risks with 5G as well.


  1. They’re everywhere all over Australia
    Every highways dotted with them almost now. The whole worlds gone mad .Really It is not critical at all .We dont need it .We did perfectly well with landlines TELEGRAMS and tv .We were healthier and happier people before the internet arrived which gas made the while planet hateful evil nasty and dastardly.

  2. 4G works great already. I am not sure what is up with the 5G push. If they say 5g is millimeter wave, then it should not function very well and not as well as 4G. 5G Millimeter wave cant penetrate sheet rock or thru vegetation. So it makes no sense that they chose 5g millimeter wave. It may be able to carry more data, but what good does it do when you walk around a corner?
    So I do believe there is something they are hiding from us about this. It could be that there is a second system with in the transmitters that can be activated and pulse out a longer more harmful wave when needed. Don’t know what to think, except that there is something nefarious going on with them.

    • Agreed. From what I’ve read it has to do with the graphene oxide in the jab – which has been proven by several scientists putting jab contents under a microscope. There’s LOTS of graphene in it. When a certain frequency is activated, it will induce DNA change in people who were jabbed and they pretty much become “zombies”. I recently came across a video about this. If you like I can try to find it again and send to you.

    • See the cell-phone tower in the 2017-2018 Netflix cartoon Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters: justawordDOTtv/more-evil-from-netflix-in-this-2018-cartoon-mark-of-the-beast-propaganda-in-cartoon-form/ (Replace the DOT with the real thing and no spaces.) That show also had an episode with the title “The New Normal.”

    • See the cell-phone tower in the 2017-2018 Netflix cartoon Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters: justawordDOTtv/more-evil-from-netflix-in-this-2018-cartoon-mark-of-the-beast-propaganda-in-cartoon-form/ (Replace the DOT with the real thing and no spaces.) That show also had an episode with the title “The New Normal.”

  3. Graphene has huge electrical interactions and as a doseage cytokine storm and bad reactions But the jabbers say No graphene but do say LIPID nanoparticals in vax MOD/RNA so either way way way reactive to the broadcasting feilds

  4. Graphene100 times stronger than metal at nano scale and used in batterys a lattice of atomic scale carbons,GEIM/NOVOSELOU nobel prize in physics 2010.5G`s are 100s of times over the safe limits set by the FCC and 1,000`s of times over the safe limits set by the FCC at the start of the FCC and broadcasting

  5. Cell tower and satellite cell phone broadcast limits have NEVER been safe and there have been many books written on that subject.Close plume burns and near plume radioactive burns have been recorded since the advent of cell phones.The batterys would heat up in the microwave close plume and a SAR would happen and they projected the population would gain weight as the human cell`s became super excited by the microwaves.Limits were set on time of SAR levels and the phones were redesigned many times to reduce radioactive burns to the neck head and eyes and hand and arms.You can chart your limited based on body mass as the bigger and heavy have a much lower limit of SARs than a small person but alot of that depends on the phone the broadcast field and the angles at which your are in relationship to the tower and satellite nets.Cell banks on satellite that are not being used have been used to kill people with as I know many people murdered in this manner.5G WHITEOUT comes from the satellite downcast of microwaves and is at a limit that was never safe japan had it first but they are small and a smaller country also different broadcasting angles.5G phones have better sheilding than early models.But the airlines limit their employees time spent up in the air due to the higher levels of microwaves-the real reason for the WHITE OUT UV Levels is broadcasting not just carbons

  6. No cell phone broadcast had EVER been safe there are many many books on the dangers and many many cases of cancer and eye loss due to the microwave burns the SAR levels SATURSATION ABSORPTION RATE of radioactive broadcast waves.They will never make broadcasting safe as it never was from the start.Just as the TV add`s for attornery`s who will sue for the cancers you got from the goverment or who evers.When the airlines say it an`t safe than it is off the charts just like the japan nuclear five reactors melted and forever leaking NO one cares move on nothing happening here clint!

  7. Graphene-hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms at atomic scale.Thinnest two dimensional material in the world 100 time stronger than steel at nanostructure scale a nanomaterial needs suspenison to be free standing.Unusual electronic properties in quantum oscillations and nonlinear diamagnetism.Massless relativistic particles.More likely they used LIPID NANOPARTICLES but than again they won`t tell us until we`re DEAD

  8. And klint those are about the same as found in insoluble vitamins and minerals which you are loading up on.your heavy metals minerals just like the graphene interact with broadcast waves and build up in the organs causeing cancers and death.And klint if you are getting them in your water and food from the untested soils than that also builts them up in the organs faster.YOU need to get your blood tested and detox

  9. trans human and neuro control does not need any type of implanting as the broadcast over power the alphawave and bio binary waves by 100`s of millions of watts and even the CIA and defence dept have have used them to control rioters and war zones,V.nam was the first battle feild DMZ zone fully covered by radar and wireless grid including sound scan and satellite so on.PLASMID SPIN ROBOT`s are fully humans remote controlled and tesla could even remote control humans.MARfe TURUS`s are people coming to american`s wireless grid feild full of sound scanning thermal scanning and radar broadcasting and even sound casting and image projectional via satellite and tower right down to the APPs on the smart phones image projection A.I sound interfacements and clouds for MOBBy`ss.GROGGY&slint RRRRRR in the stone age still sorry!

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