President of Croatia: ‘Enough Is Enough! Freedom Is More Important than Vaccines’

Fact checked
Croatian President says he no longer supports vaccinations

Croatian President Zoran Milanović has said people have been “vaccinated enough” and has declared that citizens in Croatia will be free to live as they please without government interference.

President Milanović broke with the majority of his European counterparts in expressing frustration over medical authoritarianism and COVID hysteria pushed by the media and globalists.

“Croatia is ‘not sufficiently vaccinated,’ unlike the E.U. average. We are only at 50 percent,” Milanović told the press. “I don’t care. We’re vaccinated enough and everyone knows it.”

“We need to know what the goal of this frenzy is. If the goal is to completely eradicate the virus, then we have the goal. I have not heard that this is the goal. If someone tells me it’s a goal, I will tell him he’s out of his mind.” reports: Milanović stressed it is “impossible” to eradicate COVID before tearing into the legacy media for damaging the public discourse.

“I start every day with CNN and those few channels and I wonder if I am normal or are they crazy,” he said. “They spread panic. They do it from the beginning.”

“There is no life without risk, without the possibility of getting sick. People get sick from a thousand other more serious things, and while that’s happening we’ve been talking about COVID-19 for a year and a half.”

Milanović says he was initially concerned about the virus and willing to address the matter for the first year, but is fed up with the nonsense that has carried over into 2021.

While Milanović’s rhetoric is refreshing for many, his functional power level is eclipsed by that of Prime Minister Andrej Plenković.


  1. everyone does know it and all the science clearly proves covid is only a danger to less than 10 per cent of the population and only they should have to be vaccinated .Everyone knows its all a huge lie.

  2. Kudos to this brave & correct leader! The full truth about all vaccines must be made public as well as the full truth about pharma. That will then be the end of both.

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