Royal Family Warns Kate Middleton ‘May Not Appear In Public For Rest of Year’

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The Royal Family have warned the public not to expect to see the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton in public any time soon. In fact, she may not be spotted in public at any point this year. As for next year, don’t bet on it, either.

According to the Royals, Middleton is being “surrounded by her birth family” as she recovers from chemotherapy having been diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.

Another source said they do not expect to see Kate back in any kind of public-facing role “in the medium term,” adding it was likely she would remain absent from public life for the rest of the year.

(The Daily Mail’s Richard Eden reported Thursday that Kate’s friends have told him “we might not see Catherine again until the autumn—and only then if she has recovered fully.”)

Asked how the Palace would deal with the inevitable resurgence of conspiracy theories and speculation that a protracted absence would provoke, The Daily Beast’s source said: “I would not rule out another video message updating the country on her health. That proved to be a very effective way of keeping the conspiracy theorists at bay.”

Trust once lost is hard to regain and unfortunately for the royal family, their self-serving lies have been thoroughly exposed, one after the after.

While mainstream media has been ordered by the elite to ramp up the agenda to gaslight the public and normalize cancer in all its forms as the disastrous consequences of the Covid vaccine play out, the elite are treating the Middleton saga like a Kabuki play, mocking us by wheeling out increasingly ludicrous fake images and videos.

The Royals have now shared a total of four – yes, four – faked photos with the mainstream media claiming to show Kate Middleton acting normal in public.

The royal family then decided to cover their tracks and prove Kate Middleton is alive by releasing a terrible AI video that absolutely nobody in their right mind believed was real.

Extremely skeptical after the fake Mother’s Day video, and the obviously fake video of Kate shopping with William, investigations ran the cancer announcement video through two different AI detection softwares.

Absolutely no-one with an inquiring mind was surprised that the video was confirmed to be AI.

We have more than enough evidence to prove the Kate Middleton cancer video is yet another fake but members of the public who get their news from mainstream media will be easily fooled.

Which raises two questions – what is really going on here, and what are the elite trying to achieve? Watch:

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