Police Warn Parents: Meth Pills Being Disguised As Candy Treats This Halloween

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Police issue warning about meth pills disguised as Halloween treats

Police have urged parents to check their children’s Halloween treats for meth pills that have been deliberately disguised to look like candy.  

The Dublin Police Department in Georgia say that candy-shaped pills in circulation have been purposefully put out to spike kids’ treats during the Halloween festivities this week.

The meth-pills have been designed to look like SweetTarts and will likely fool most children.

In a Facebook post by the Dublin Police, an urgent warning was given to parents about staying alert.

“Please be aware that the Dublin Police Department is seeing methamphetamine pills in our community,” the Facebook post read.

“These pills are stamped and resembled to look like specific candies.”

“Please make sure you check your children’s candy and report any suspicions to the Dublin Police Department.”


KMOV reports:

Even though this incident happened in Dublin, Georgia, it can serve as a reminder to parents across the country to make sure to inspect the candy their children get before they gobble them up.