Video: Are UK Police Now Behaving Like Intelligence Agencies?

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Government Surveillance
Government Surveillance

In a shocking new video from RT News, it is revealed the US may not be the worst country when it comes to surveilling it’s citizens.  With a request for access to private communications every 120 seconds, the UK is equaling, and, in some cases, surpassing the overarching rate of US government surveillance on it’s citizens.

Activist Post said:

The overreaching surveillance state in the U.S. certainly takes most of the headlines, but the UK is every bit on par if not worse.

A recent report, responded to below by Steve Jolly of NOCCTV, indicates that there have been 700,000 police requests to access private communications in the UK over a two-year period – which amounts to a request every 2 minutes. And these requests are almost never denied; in fact, they have a 96% approval rate. This surely can’t purely be to “thwart terrorism.”