Politician: “I Prevented The CERN LHC From Destroying Mankind”

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According to the ex-Labour politician CERN are using alien technology to open up parallel universes and sever the link between humans and divine consciousness

An ex-politician has claimed that he prevented mankind from being wiped from the face of the earth by intervening with CERN's LHC experiments

An ex-Labour politician, Simon Parkes, has claimed “psychopathic” world leaders, known as the “illuminati”, were planning on using CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to open up a vortex allowing them to take control over the human population.

Mr Parkes, told an audience at a UFO convention in a strange country manor house (which had mysterious paintings hung on its walls), that he foiled the sinister plot by the illuminati just a few weeks ago in August, and thus saved mankind from destruction.

The former politician said that the LHC is using alien technology from another planet to interfere with the space-time continuum, to open up portals to other dimensions and parallel universes, and to severe the link between humans and the spiritual plane and divine consciousness.


Express.co.uk reports:

He claimed an attempt was made to severe “the link” on August 15.

He said: “It became very obvious the LHC was going to be used for a pivotal roll on August 15 this year.”

This was a month after the announcement that the LHC had discovered a new particle known as a pentaquark.

Mr Parkes said: “I have not said the LHC can break the divine link between all good humans on this plane and divine consciousness, but that was their plan.”

But Mr Parkes claimed to have sources who made him aware of what was about to unfold, so he set about arranging a global “mind warp” to defeat the plan.

He said: “We couldn’t just do nothing. There is much you could do without sticking your head above the parapet.

“I created a global meditation group connecting consciousness and most countries now have two or three people.

“Places like the US and UK have got hundreds.

“We really can affect matters with our mind.”

He said he planned to get everyone to take part in a “combined meditation” at lunch time on August 15, but said the Illuminati became aware of this and decided to switch the LHC on at 3am to out fox him.

He said: “A number of people who associate with me made me aware that someone had activated it in the early hours and placed Satanic black magicians, who were remotely viewing the installation on the inside.”

Mr Parkes claimed his group sent a telepathic wave of “positive energy” which stopped the portal from completely opening and damaged the LHC.

He said: “it is not illegal to psychically damage government equipment because the law courts do not believe it is possible.”

CERN conference
The conference took place in the manor which had eerie paintings hung on the walls

The LHC came back on, but they thwarted it again, he claimed.

He said: “All over the globe good people started to meditate for five to six minutes, after the meditation it failed again, but we did take some damage. One person lost hearing in an ear for three weeks and others had ringing in ears because there was an attack by those psychically protecting it.”

He claims the mass meditation caused a thunderstorm over Switzerland, meaning the LHC was forced onto a back-up power system which only gave a thirds of its full capacity.

He said: “Gaia came to our rescue and a thunderstorm took out the power.”

According to New Age philosophies Gaia is an all powerful force govering the universe.

He said: “With just a third of the power it created a 0.8mm hole between the third and fourth frequency, but that was not enough to bring anything through.”

There is, of course, no evidence that the LCH was used in any such attempt or that Mr Parkes and his group stopped it in its tracks.

However, his conspiracist claims did disturb some audience members.

One woman, aged in her 50s, who would not be named, told Express.co.uk: “I was expecting to come and learn about UFO sightings, but all the speakers were pretty out there even by UFO standards. I found Simon’s talk quite disturbing and it makes you wonder where on Earth this is all coming from?”

But a man, in his 20s, said he trusted the advice.

He said: “Simon is spot on with all this. If he says it happened, it happened.”

Express.co.uk has contacted CERN, which runs the LCH, to see if it wishes to respond to the extraordinary allegations, and awaits a response.

Mr Parkes also said the failure of the LCH plan meant the cruel Illuminati leaders needed a new plot as there were just 200 of them left on Earth, after some of them had fled the planet.

He said: “For 25 years it has been known the psychopaths want to kill half to a third of the population.

“But now they may not need to kill so many because of what they are planning next.”

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