Scotland REJECTS Vaccine Passports: “We Are a FREE Country”

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Scotland rises up against New World Order vaccine passports

The people of Scotland have had enough of the authoritarian government led by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, and now businesses are rejecting the vaccine passport scheme.

Business owners across the country declared that they would refuse to enforce Sturgeon’s new passport scheme after the technology behind the app failed within seconds of launching.

Football stadiums, nightclubs and other venues were expected to begin mandating proof of vaccination to citizens wanting to enter.

However, problems immediately arose after Aberdeen Football Club fans reported issues with the app after it launched.

The club wasted no time by announcing it wouldn’t be enforced the vaccine passport scheme for that weekend’s match.

“Nobody will be asked to show proof of vaccine,” the club said in a statement. reports: After other football clubs followed suit, hospitality sector bosses said nightclubs would also refuse to make its customers show proof of being jabbed, describing the situation as “farcical.”

“This plan should really be scrapped altogether but, if the SNP insist on charging ahead, it must indefinitely delay the vaccine passport scheme until the most basic issues are ironed out,” said Douglas Ross, the Scottish Tory leader, labeling the entire farce an “omnishambles.”

The system rolled out as a complete failure despite the vast amount of money that was spent on developing it – a total of £600,000 ($816,520).

It remains to be seen whether the system encounters further problems after it has been ‘fixed’ – a process that the government said would take days.

Businesses have been told they won’t be issued fines if they don’t enforce the scheme up until October 18.

Not only are vaccine passport schemes discriminatory and an affront to basic privacy and liberty, they don’t even work properly.

As we previously highlighted, restaurants, bars and cafes in France stopped enforcing the system after people in major cities began having picnics on the streets in protest against the scheme.

The government in England has continually flip flopped on plans to introduce a similar system, although it has indicated it will once again attempt to roll out vaccine passports should COVID cases spike in the winter.


  1. See they’ve had centuries of experience in dealing with all that sort of b/s having been torn between the Pope and the Crown for so long. They know it’s all crap.

  2. When are people going to wake up to the fact that massive non compliance worldwide is the only way to put an end to this nonsense? Protesting does nothing but get you beaten and arrested. If no one complies they can’t arrest everyone.

    • You start wailing on the cops and they will back down real quick. They will be the first to force something foul on you but they will run once they do not have the numbers because they are cowards. you got to come at them by the hundreds.

  3. Good for them… but if Scots were free they would be allowed a fair referendum on freedom from the Crown.

  4. I have a vaccine passport. I don’t think it is standard issue……it has a red laser attached to it.

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