Putin Puts Facebook on Notice: ‘Time’s Up! I’m Setting the Internet Free from Your Icy Grip’

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"It's time to make the Internet sovereign again."

President Putin vows to save the Internet from Facebook's icy grip

Russian President Vladimir Putin has put Big Tech giant Facebook on notice following the massive crash on Monday, warning them that he is going to set the Internet free from their authoritarian grip.

Speaking on behalf of Putin, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the fault the massive Internet shutdown earlier this week highlights the dangers of giving a ‘liberal’ authoritarian California-based company control over the world’s Internet. He said Russia is preparing to make the internet sovereign again.

“We must understand that such a blackout can happen at any second, based on the processes that are now gaining momentum in the US,” Zakharova said. 

“Yesterday they showed you everything. We aren’t cutting ourselves off, but their technologies are failing to such a degree that three and a half billion people were cut off.”

Russia’s announcement of a free, sovereign internet comes just days after Putin warned Facebook that Russia would take drastic action against them if they didn’t stop promoting pedophilia on their platform.

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Rt.com reports: Russia has announced it is taking steps to assert more control over social media networks operating in the country, as well as expanding its own internet infrastructure, separate from the rest of the web. In recent years, Moscow has invested in the development of its domestic online infrastructure, which it is hoped would allow the country’s internet to function autonomously should a crisis arise.

In February, former President and now Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Security Council Dmitry Medvedev stated that as a drastic last resort, the country could cut off access to its servers beyond its borders, bypassing “the key rights to control” that are currently in the hands of the US. “So potentially,” he said, “it could be the case that something extraordinary happens, everything completely blows up, [and] that the key to doing something about it is held overseas… Of course, we have a plan of how to act in such a situation.”

Following the outage, Zakharova said that faults and shutoffs are not just about losing communication, but can lead to some losing crucial business. “We are not just talking about the displeasure of the cats, whose owners did not publish their fantastic photos,” she said. “This is a matter of business, and not only of the business of large companies, but of the business of people who trade through these social networks, take orders there and provide services.”

Explaining the global system failure, Facebook wrote in a statement on Monday that “our engineering teams have learned that configuration changes on the backbone routers that coordinate network traffic between our data centers caused issues that interrupted this communication.”


  1. Oh look if people are so thoughtless as to sign up to the CIAs own spy network, fronted by a dummy, they deserve what ver they get. And as for Putibs propagandas and rubbish the Russians deserve him Let them eat vorsch and own nothing.

    • Absolutely correct and that’s why he’s the darling of the msm They depict him very much the way the German msm portrayed Hitler actually As a good Christian hero. Because exactly as you say, he’s their boy.Putin the Regent keeping the throne warm for the next Tsar and of course the last Tsar was Queen Victorious s grand children.

      • He’s LITERALLY about making Russia SOVEREIGN again. Literally about removing democratic freedoms that Facebook supposed to be Isn’t but theoretically they can say it was in the history books.
        And Russia and Russians were better off under the Tsar by far than they have been since, Germans under the Kaiser and Framce under the Royal. Family too. China and Japan as well. Everywhere was better when the leaders were in it for life and needed to act responsibly so that they could maintain stability consistency and not just on the short term but forever for their descendants too. And that means having to be respectful of the will of the people or have revolutions and civil ears and chaos and risk losing the lot And if the rivalry between ruling royal. Families isn’t created by others who want to subvert and then dominate is curtailed then that would make a better system than the present totally competitive capitalist system of greed is good That’s the theory anyway. Good luck with reality though. But is a good sales pitch for suckers.

        • Truth is war is the most profitable business humanity has ever invented. And nothings going to change that or stop that and crimes the second most profitable. Regardless of political system. There will never be peace and never be a crime free community for long. That is the truth.

        • That’s happened exactly the same way once before not too long ago.
          Its like this
          Just because someone does nice things for you doesn’t mean they’re not your enemy. Tricksters tricking. Back stabbing when you least expect it.

  2. Putin doesn’t strike me as a foolish person.. but for an accused tyrant and despot he has been very foolish to allow Facebook to run wild in Russia for so long. US NGOs as well. Remember; where USAID, the Democracy Project and others go, civil unrest and coups follow.

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