Biden Left Reeling After Thousands of Trump Supporters Greet Him with “F**k Joe Biden” Signs

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Biden reeling after Trump supporters greet him with 'f**k Joe Biden' signs in Michigan

President Biden was left reeling on Tuesday after thousands of Trump supporters in Michigan greeted him holding “F**k Joe Biden” signs.

Biden was visiting the state to pitch his deeply unpopular $2.5 trillion infrastructure plan.

As he arrived, thousands of supporters waved their “F**k Joe Biden” flags and gave POTUS the middle finger as the presidential motorcade drove by.


After arriving, Biden spoke to a tiny crowd of people at the training facility for the International Union of Operating Engineers.

He was clearly triggered by the protests and bizarrely commented that the “F**k Joe Biden” pandemic spreading across America was why he got 81 million votes.

“And not withstanding some of the signs that I saw coming… that’s why 81 million Americans voted for me. The largest number of votes in American history,” he told the tiny group.