Biden’s Covid Relief Funds Used For High School Drag Queen Show

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A New Hampsire high school has come under fire for using $4,000 in left over Covid funds to pay for a drag show event for its students.

News that the funds were being approved to pay for drag queens has sparked fury from Republicans who have raised questions over whether it was an acceptable use of the money provided for pandemic relief.

InfoWars reports: The American taxpayers will foot the $4,000 bill via leftover American Rescue Plan funds after the city of Manchester approved a grant request from Manchester West High School.

Newsweek reported on the controversial performance, writing,

“The event will celebrate Pride Month on June 2 and is creating a rift between some Republican and Democratic players. The city, run by Democratic Mayor Joyce Craig, who is contemplating a gubernatorial bid, approved a grant request from Manchester West High School to put on the event. But the state’s Department of Education has expressed doubt regarding the use of federal funds designated for pandemic relief.”

According to local news outlet ABC News 4, “The event has previously featured music and drag performances, with performers last year collecting fake dollar bills from spectators.”

Yes, that means federal money is being used to pay for adult men dressed as women to provocatively dance while teenagers hold out fake money as if they were at a strip club.

This disturbing allocation of tax dollars shows how brazen the modern left has become about sexualizing children.

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